Downed Tree Limb Dilemma 5/24/17

Last Thursday's storm left two tree limbs 
from my Maple tree in the common area of my subdivision.

Yesterday morning I received a message from the HOA.  I was told if I didn't remove the limbs, they would hire someone and charge it to me.  I knew it was coming, but not so soon.  It's been raining every day this week and I really didn't want to deal with it until the weather changed.  Well, the HOA gave me until this Friday....Rat Bastards!

Today I left work early.  It was drizzling rain off and on, but mostly it was cloudy.  
I got out the trusty old reciprocal saw and started cutting the limbs up.  

After bending and breaking four blades I dragged most of the limbs in my 
backyard to dispose of when it was convenient for me.

This is now my backyard.  It looks like a jungle.

This is what I see when I sit on my chair. 

This is what's left of the tree limbs.

My poor little saw can't handle anything this big, I was fresh out of blades and it started raining harder.   I took these photos and sent them in an email to my HOA asking them how much I would be charged to just have this one tree limb cut up.  No answer yet.

Two days after the storm and cleaning chairs 5/20/17

Two nights ago we had an awful storm that actually didn't last long.  One minute it was just raining hard, the next minute came the wind.  I didn't think to bring down the umbrella in the back yard and was afraid it was going to blow out of my back yard.

I went to sleep and didn't realize how bad the wind had gotten until I looked behind the fence of my backyard this morning.

^^^^This is my tree in my backyard.  
The limb that is now missing was facing 
the rear of my home.

 ^^^^This is a tree that is behind my fence in the common area.
The tree limb from my tree is on the ground.

 ^^^^Another photo of the tree limb from my tree.  
How is this even possible?  
The limb was facing my home and somehow managed to break off, 
turn around and fly to the other side of the fence instead of inside of my yard???

^^^^Lunch for next week is in the crockpot.  
Chicken breasts, Cajun Sausage, can of Golden Mushroom soup, can of regular Mushroom soup, a package of dried onion soup, 1/2 a can of Whipping Cream, 1 1/2 tablespoon of cayenne pepper, and 8 ounces of cream cheese.

^^^^No Crust Cheesecake.  One package of plain Gelatine dissolved in 1 cup boiling water. 
Two packs of Cream Cheese.  One tablespoon vanilla flavoring and one tablespoon of Mio Lemon.  
It's delicious with whip cream on top. 

^^^^I picked up a bottle of SuperClean this morning.  
I'm taking it to work later.

^^^^^So that I can clean the pretty red chairs at work this afternoon.  
It's amazing how filthy they get. I'll have them looking like new in a few hours.

Since I'm cleaning chairs today, I'll be taking tomorrow as my day off.
I don't know what possessed me to volunteer to do this today.  
I've been up since 4:30 AM and really don't feel like going anywhere this late in the day.
Okay, on my way to work.  The sooner I get this done, the sooner I can get back home.

Sprucing up the backyard part two 5/7/17

The rain finally stopped and it was 42 degrees when I started this morning.   
After five hours, I'm beat!!!

^^^ This is how I left it yesterday when it started to rain again.  
All night I was wondering what to do to slow down the weeds, 
now that it is all clean and weed-free.  
I don't want to use any poisons, so I did a bit of search on the internet.  
 I didn't want to spend any money and this was one of the suggestions.
Cardboard paper.

Many years ago we had the bright idea of putting rocks in the front garden.  It looked so pretty.....for about 5 months.  Then the stones got green and ugly looking.  We decided to pick them all up and put them around the Maple tree in the back yard.

I just spent about 3 hours picking up bucket after bucket of small rocks to put around the stepping stones on the cardboard.  What a pain that was....literally.  I am so sore.

I also picked up most of the small rocks in the walkway.

Look at all those roots.  I'm going to try to remove some of them so that 
the walkway will be more level.

Finally finished.  I will see how this method works on keeping down the weeds.  I left the grass on the top left for Silly.  She likes to eat her salad when she comes outside.

I saved the worst for last.  Those roots were really hard to remove.  Some I couldn't remove at all. 
I need more powerful equipment.

 This is the best I can do for right now.  I think it looks better than before.  Still not level, but hopefully a few of those stepping stones will sink later.

 My lonely Royal Empress Tree.  She sure looks pitiful right now.
Well, that's all I'm going to do today.  Tomorrow it's back to work.  
One of my co-workers covered for me today.  I knew that I would need two days to finish this.

Sprucing up the backyard part one 5/6/17

My unruly backyard was getting on my last nerve.  What happens to things that get on my last nerve?
They have to go away!!

I started at daylight and it took me about three hours.  Since it was so early, I worked slowly to not make too much noise to wake my neighbors.  I'm a morning person.  It would be nice to live in the country somewhere, where I could work to my heart's content as early as I want.

I tried to pull up the weeds, but there was just too much and some of them were new baby trees with long roots.  I removed the stepping stones.  Shit, they are heavy!  Or maybe it's because I haven't moved them in many years and I was much younger then.  I probably should take a few aspirins before going to sleep tonight, so that I won't be so sore in the morning.

Even though the Maple tree has been cut down a lot, it still has enough branches to produce an amazing amount of helicopter seeds (samaras) that get into everything and then grow like crazy.  I had a hard time raking and sweeping them up.  I'm sure I missed a bunch.

The roots of the Maple tree have pushed up the stepping stones.   The stones were getting so wiggly that I was afraid that one of these days one of us was going to trip and fall.

Finished removing and digging up the weeds and baby trees.  I swept out the helicopters as well as I could.

I uncovered the larger roots.

Much better.  Then I hosed down the roots to show the little rocks.  I'm going to dig those up as well as I can before I start sawing the roots.  With my luck, I would get popped on the head with a rock while using the electric saw.

It's getting darker and it looks like it's going to rain again.  I might have to wait until later this afternoon or tomorrow before I use this little saw to cut the roots.  It's only 3.4 amps, but it is pretty light.  I wasn't sure I could handle one of the heavier one.

I guess that's it for now.  It's raining!  Crap!   I wanted to go to Smitty's to get some ribs today.  I wonder if they are cooking even though it's raining.

No ribs today.  They'll be cooking again next weekend. :(

Royal Empress Tree Growth 5/3/17

This tree is growing like crazy.  22 inches in 21 days.  Amazing!

I wonder if I should kind of tie the tree together, so that hopefully it will grow up instead of wide?


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