WTF????? 6/15/2010



Never a dull moment around here!  What IS that???  When I took a stick and poked around in it, it was all gooey on the inside.  Nasty stuff!!  when I first saw it, I thought someone had puked on my straw.

I was all ready to water the plants, but the ground is still wet from last night.  Looks like we will get some thunderstorms tonight, so it looks like I won’t have to worry about watering before I go to work. Finally, the humidity is down a bit.  Yesterday it was like pea soup around here.  I actually had to turn the air condition on around noon.  Today it’s just the fans…good thing too, because the air conditioner makes so much noise, it gets on my last nerve!

Can you believe it’s almost July?  Time is flying by at record speed.  Just a few months ago I was snowed in/out.  I really do wish time would slow down a bit. :)

I just signed up for a  SmartyPig account at 2.15%.  They will take money automatically out of my checking account twice a month.  I call it saving by accident.  I can watch it grow on Facebook and on Twitter.

I get the most awesome photos just by sticking my head out of the door at work…





Like clockwork ….the guys at work tell me: “get your camera, Tango” ….pointing toward the door.

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