Will This Snow Go Away Anytime Soon? 1/15/2009


Even with the warm, well kind of warm weather we’ve been having the last couple of days….we still have snow on the ground.  I’m really wondering if it will go away before the next batch arrives.

I was walking to take out the trash and wandering around slowly trying to find a good place to plant a garden.  There are a LOT of trees except where my trailer is parked.  I talked to Cyndi about this a couple of days ago on how nice it would be to grow the vegetables that we use on a regular basis.  It would also save us quite a bit of money since the cost seems to be going up every week.  We could spend our hard earned cash on paying off bills instead.  It’s not like there is no room for a garden.   Of course, it would have to be off of the ground since it’s very rocky here.  Much research will have to be done before springtime since none of us have ever seriously grown a garden.  Lots of questions.  How do we keep the deer from eating our crop?  What grows best in shady areas.  What to do about water.  How do we keep bugs away without harmful chemicals? How to do this on a shoe string budget?  Kymber and Kat have offered to help with information.  Thanks, you two, I hope you know that your e-mail box will be swamped in just a couple of weeks. :)

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