When is the stuff going to stop breaking down in here? 10.07.2011

When I got home the other night, I found out that my furnace was broken and blowing nothing but cold air.  The temperature went from 69 to 68 in a matter of minutes.  The repair man came on Wednesday.  It was pretty funny, all this time I thought I had a heat pump, but come to find out after searching for the furnace in the attic, that I have heat strips/coils...three of them.

The furnace is located in the closet like I told the repair man and it looks like this unit was installed when this townhouse was built, in 1974.  After he took it all apart, we saw three heating coils.  Two of them work.  The third one needs to be replaced, but that will cost me $765 and it will have to wait.  After he put everything back together, he rewired the thermostat and the heat came on.  I'm sure it will be much more efficient with 3 coils, but for right now, at least we've got heat.

The upstairs is always very easy to keep warm, but the downstairs where I live at gets really cold when the temperatures come down.  I was reading Andy's blog the other week and he always has such good information on how to keep his RV warm, so I decided to order the Broan heater that he has.  It's only 6'x6'x5, but it packs an awful lot of heat.  It came in the other day and does wonders in keeping my feet and room warm. 

It has a little fan inside.  I'm amazed on how much heat it puts out.

I finished cleaning the Dell the other day, but it's not working.  It gets power, but all it does is make a clicking sound.  The green (on) light on the outside of the unit blinks on and off.  None of the fans are blowing.  I'm sure it's operator error, meaning that I didn't plug something in.  Damn!! I know I should have taken photos before I took it apart.  I took it over to my Dad's yesterday and am hoping that he can find my mistake to get it back up and running.

I spent most of today putting things away in my room.  That's the trouble with living in a small space without closets.  Everything needs to be looked at and determined whether it will be used in the next couple of months or not.  If not, it needs to go out in the shed and out of the way.  I can't stand clutter!  Right now I'm comfy...everything is put away. I had a lot of practice when I lived in my trailer. :)

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