What Happens When You Forget To Turn The Crockpot Off…. 2/1/2010

……..before going to work?   You end up with some super tender awesome meat.  Ha…and I was so worried that I would come home to burnt stew.  It was well done and delicious over some mashed sweet potatoes.

This is the road coming out of our driveway yesterday at 11 AM…..


This was the driveway behind me….


After I got to the main road everything was clear…..


I’m assuming that everything is clear and dry when I head out to Catlett in a couple of hours.  At least I hope so, got to chase a motor coach. 

Yesterday the hot water came back on in the bathroom 30 minutes after I posted it.  Weird!!  This morning it was 5 degrees and the hot water in the bathroom was fine.

When I go to bed tonight, I will have finished 7 days of not smoking.  What a long week.  I do hope it gets better with time.  I miss it!

Time for one more cup a…


…….then I’m gonna hit the road. :)

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