Tuesday....Election Day 2012 11/06/2012

I hope everyone had a chance to go and vote...or will vote before the end of day.  First thing this morning I checked with InsideNova.com on Facebook to see what was going on.   People  were posting about long lines early this morning.   I was going to vote before going to my mom's, but when I drove by,  there was still a line of people around the building.  I decided to try again on my way back home.

Had a lovely morning with my mom except for when a man drove his vehicle off of the road, taking out six mail/newspaper boxes, three of them my mom's.  After all that excitement, she cooked red cabbage, mashed potato, German meatballs, and it was awesome.......and I stole have all the leftovers in my fridge at home. :)

Coming back home I stopped to vote before going to work.  The place was still packed and the line was still coming out of the door.   Great turn out.  I have never seen anything like it.  The volunteers were telling me the same.  It took me about 40 minutes to cast my vote.

I just read a post of InsideNova about a  five-hour wait to vote in a neighboring district.   

Hope they hang in there.

Looks like it's  going to be a long night.

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