Time To Dump The Holding Tank 1/11/2010

It was 7 degrees when I got up this morning.   I had to refresh the page to make sure it wasn’t a mistake.  That’s just great, because my black water tank is now full :(  Hopefully, it will warm up quickly today.  I guess I will see how well those 4 gallons of RV antifreeze did in keeping the dump valve from freezing.

It’s a little after noon and the temperature has gotten up to a whopping 30 degrees.  I didn’t want to wait any longer and went to see if I could open the valve to dump the tank.  I had to move two of the straw bales because the opening was not large enough for me to get my arm in and pull the plug.  If I hadn’t covered the straw with tarps, I’m sure they would have been filled with ice and snow.  They would have been too heavy for me to move.





I had no problem dumping.  The antifreeze did the trick and kept the tank from freezing up and I am so relieved!!! :)  I’m sure that all that straw also made a big difference.  Afterward, I covered everything back up snug as a bug….until next time.


I’ll stop by Lowes later to pick up 4 more gallons of antifreeze.  I’m sure that I can get it cheaper there than at the dealership.

I’m in love with Rooibos tea and stopped by Wegmans last night.  They sell about a dozen teas loose and it is so much cheaper than buying them packaged.  I bought 6 dollars worth which would have cost me around 50 dollars normally.  LOL….next to the Spotted Dick in the international section I found these….


How much bigga are they?

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