Rat Bastards!!!! ....continued 9.15.2011

I spent a couple of hours the other morning trying to find a plugin motion sensor flood light for the front yard.  Weird, I had bought one before about 4 years ago, but now they are nowhere to be found.

I ended up going online and ordering two of them.  They should be here in a few days.

Meanwhile, I trimmed the cherry tree, removed all the low hanging branches that I could reach, so that it won't block the lights.  I could kick myself for being nice and giving my now ex-husband ALL of his tools out of his truck.  He had this long handled pruning thingamagig that sure would have come in handy.  Oh well.

I would hard wire it into the porch light, but the all knowing, all pervasive HOA would have a fit and spank me with a fine.  It wouldn't work too well anyway since the light is so high up were all it would do is light up the cherry tree and nothing behind it.

The flood light that I had rigged up before used to scare the piss out of me when I got home...they were just that bright. :)

Sure would be awesome if my neighbors put on their porch lights at night.  I seem to be the only one to do so on this entire block.  WTF?

Below is a sunset from two weeks ago.  Wish I could see them from my home, that would be full of awesomeness!!! :)

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