Never thought that I would be cheering on the rain 6/1/2010


I usually hate rain, but since I won’t have to manually water my plants, I am more than happy.  Actually, I had quite a scare when I got home Saturday night.  All my babies were laying on the straw.  I thought I had killed them all.  I hurried up and watered them and to my surprise, they were all rather peppy looking when I got up on Sunday morning.  It looks like they’re going to make it.  I plucked that one lonely ripe tomato that I had in my mouth yesterday.  Damn!!! That was the best tomato I have had in years. :)

The Evil Twin is getting a much-needed rinse.  Poor thing looked like she had been off-roading.


^^^Nice surprise to find a “No GMO” logo on Amy’s products today. 
I’ll have to be very careful with my photo uploads until the 8th.  I’m up to 4.25 GBs.  This really sucks!!!

Well, gotta go.  Time to through some fruit in my bag and get ready for work.

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