I Had Quite A Scare…. 12/28/2009

……when I got home last night.
I walked in the door and heard a strange sound, like something running, as in a machine.  It came from the bathroom and of course I was freaking out not knowing what it could be.  I know that I had turned everything off before I left.
When I got in the bathroom, my hair dryer was hanging on the wall…..running.
Now….how do you suppose my pussy turned it on?  LOL…she must have been bouncing off the walls while I was gone!
Sarah brought her dog, Sinbad, to work yesterday.  I think he is the largest Doberman I have ever seen…..
Usually, when someone brings a dog to work, everyone gathers around with ooohhs  and aaaahhs, talking baby talk to them, petting them.   LOL…not this time.  Everybody kept their distance.
Today I am finally going to brave out to the “wilderness” of Culpeper to take care of a chase that I’ve had since the snow.  By the looks of it, most of it has melted and I should be able to make it out there and back.  It’s supposed to be very windy, but it should make a nice road trip with the sun shining even though it won’t make it to 40 degrees today.  Maybe the wind (30 mph) will dry out the yard a bit.  Getting covered with mud from my door to my car is getting pretty old. :(

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