Bagworm Moths killed my shrubbery. They've got to go!!! 03/26/17

I tried to pull off all the Bagworm Moths that were parked in my tree and my bushes.  I really though that some of the smaller bushes could be saved but when I took a really close look they were all dying.

I decided to cut them down or pull them up.

It was way harder than I thought.  First I removed all the weeds.  Then I started cutting the tree with a little saw that I already had.  It was taking forever so I thought I would use my drill and just drill many holes until I could break the trunks.

Meanwhile, my neighbor had her brother in law, Santiago,  over helping her with a bathroom upgrade.  He saw me on my hands and knees fighting my shrubbery.  He happened to have an electric saw and helped me out.

Rat Bastard help was slacking!  Sleeping on the job.

This stump I left.  It's a Royal Empress Tree which I thought was a bush and kept on cutting down for the past three years.  If I would have remembered what it was, I would have had a tree by now.

Left over roots that I dug up as much as I could.

Ready to put all dirt back.

I had to put everything that was small enough in the trash can.   Too bad I couldn't burn it.

I'm waiting for two more Royal Empress trees that will be delivered mid-April.

I'll either put both of them in front of the windows or just one in front of the windows and the other where the bird bath is now.  As fast as these trees grow, I should have shade in the next 2 to 3 years.

This is what the tree looks like starting out.

It will be about this size when it arrives from the Tennessee Nursery.

Here it is in full bloom.

I can't wait to see it in my yard.

I was absolutely worn out and starving after I was done.  Time for some Tacos without the shells. didn't take for more than 30 minutes for the pain in my muscles to show up.  I made sure to take a couple of aspirins before bed so that I wouldn't wake up sore this morning.   It did the trick. :)

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Paper bag flooring living room 2013

I got tired of my butt-ugly living room floors back in 2013 and decided to do something about it.  I had ripped out the old carpet which I could no longer get clean this is what I was left with.  
Testing the small bathroom using paper bag flooring a couple of days prier, I decided to do the same to the living room floor.

Starting in the corners. Pieces of construction paper covered in Elmer's Glue.

Waiting for the floor to dry.

All dry and ready for a thin layer of Minwax Stain.  

Stained and covered in thick layer of water based Polyurethane.

Speeding up the drying process with a fan.

Time for the other side of the living room.

Here you can really see the difference before the stain.

Dried, stained and covered in Polyurethane.

Finished floor.

I am very happy with it.  It has now been 4 years.  

I'm still thinking of doing the rest of the downstairs.

Paper bag flooring test in small bathroom 2/28/2013

Construction Paper
Minwax Stain (cherry)
Elmer's Glue
Water based Polyurethane

I decided to test this out in my 1/2 bathroom.

I tore up pieces of construction paper.  I swear it was in a neat little pile, but my pussy decided it was a new toy.

I mixed Elmer's Glue with water, brushed the solution on each piece of construction paper, and then put it on the floor.  I won't be able to do it this way in the living room since it is concrete.  So I will use straight Elmer's Glue.

First area dry.

Covered all of the bathroom

Covered with a layer of Minwax Stain.  I then wiped it off.  It takes very long to dry and it stinks. Wiping if off speeds it along quite a bit.

Now, covered with Polyurethane.

Finished with the help of a fan.

I was really pleased with it and decided to go ahead and do the living room.

Visit to parents, broiling meat, car wash and Bagworm Moths 03/18/17

Mom didn't feel all that great so I didn't stay long.

By 10 AM I was on my way back home.   I did stop in Warrenton to get some groceries and some $2 a gallon gas. :)

Broiled some thick and thin pork chops when I got home.  That will take care of meat for the next

It was so nice outside that I decided to go wash the "Pumpkin".


Art Smith, owner of  "KillerWaxx", had sent me some Pineapple Express Shine.  This stuff is awesome.  The paint was so shiny and thick that it seemed that you could stick your finger in the paint.



I did the work 3 hours ago and now it is raining cats and dogs.

Before going inside for the day, I checked my bushes for Bagworm Moths.  I thought I had gotten them all off of the bushes back in October last year but it looks like I missed some.  Most of those are too high up for me to get to.  I'm thinking I will get rid of all the bushes once it warms up and start over.


Bagworm Moth

These are from October.  I picked them from the bushes and even from under the window in the front of my home.  The glue that they are attached with is so strong that I had to use pliers to get them off.

You can already see the damage they have done.  Everything looks brown and dead.  Rat Bastards!


I think I will order some Empress Trees.  The Bagworm Moths don't seem to like them much.


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