I love bubble wrap :) 09/20/2009


It's absolutely amazing how well this is working.

Aaron, I just used up all of the bubble wrap that you brought me.  I put TWO layers on the windows in the dining and living room area.  I had the little heater on for a bit because it was so chilly in here.  About five minutes after I finished, I had to cut the heater off.  The temperature had shot up 5 degrees.  Right now the temperature is holding steady.  Amazing how much of a difference this is making. :)

I'm leaving the kitchen window and the door alone for now since we might have a few more very warm days.

Aaron......I'm going to need more if you can get it.  I want to put another layer in the bedroom windows.  While I was organizing stuff the other day, I noticed that under the bathroom sink I can see daylight through the thin plastic that houses the outdoor shower outside.  I want to wrap that up too.  Maybe also the inside walls of the kitchen cabinets where I can feel cold in the winter when the doors are open.  I just have to figure out a way to make the bubble wrap stick to the inside.

Can you get a big enough piece to go over the entire trailer??   Just kidding, Aaron :)

It would really be great if I could reduce my propane use from 5 bottles a month to 2.  I would be such a happy woman. :)

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