Here we go again....05/07/2009

So I went to get finger printed again yesterday. I'm getting used to driving to the top of downtown Warrenton. :) I still want to put a sticker on my bumper that says: "Please do not stop less than 12 inches from my rear, I'm driving a stick shift!!". I actually found the Sheriff's department on the first try.

On my way to work last night I got a call from an officer to tell me that again the fingerprint card was rejected and to see if I could come again. Good thing is that they found out it was a problem with the printer and hopefully, this morning will be my last time. It's funny....they're starting to recognize me. LOL...The lady yesterday morning said: "Oh yeah, I remember your tattoo."

Oh...good news!!! We might get to see some sunshine next week. I read in a report a couple of weeks ago, that we humans have better memory and concentration when it's gloomy or when we're depressed. I haven't noticed any improvements in the last week. I still have sticky notes everywhere.

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