Freaky Friday 05/02/2009

I'm a bit down in the dumps today, which usually happens when I have to pay mortgage and rent since that will put me behind in other things that I need to get paid off.

When things got bad or I was extremely unhappy, I used to pack up my car, leave everything behind and start over somewhere else. I know I've left behind a couple of houses of furniture in the past. I'm too old to start over now.

I used to drink like a fish too, but after many years it dawned on me just how destructive that was. So I stopped that too.

LOL...One of my co-workers just told me that I need to get laid and drunk. That has been the solution to so many problems for as long as I can remember. If it were just that easy.

Oh well. I'm going to watch the rest of "Numbers" and then hit the sack.

Enough rambling. Tomorrow is another day! :)

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