Coffee Grinds eating cat 09/01/2009


My pussy getting her coffee grind fix last night. Notice the coffee on her nose :) It's really funny to watch her do this. First she sticks her tongue in the coffee, then she shakes her head like she's saying "damn, this is really nasty" then she gets some more. She does this two or three times and then she's had enough.

It was 59 degrees this morning and I have every window and the front door wide open. She's waiting for me to make the bed so that she can tunnel under the blanket and go back to sleep.

Didn't give her a bath was just too chilly,

I did find out that she likes apple pie yogurt. :)


I have 4 car chase lined up so far for tomorrow. They are all over the place and I'm trying to map them so that I won't use up to much gas. I hate it when this happens, but sometimes it can't be avoided and I won't turn any assignments down. At least there are no UPS Stores this time. :)


I got a lot accomplished this morning, good thing too, because I won't have time for shit tomorrow.

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