Beaver and Poo Poo 07/30/2009

^^^^^^^^Sign at the Tattoo/Piercing shop I inspected today.

Life is good again. The Evil Twin is fixed and it's so nice to drive my own car!!! 

My little brother, Dion, in San Diego, posted the above photo on our SE forum and was picking on me like he always does. 

So, of course, I wanted to get back at him with a really smart ass reply to totally shock the hell out of him.

I used the word pussy and shit in the reply and those two words were instantly turned into beaver and poo poo. WTF???? So, of course, I tried other words to see what happens. Nothing. Apparently pussy and shit are on the top of the bad word list.

What's up with that???? 

I typed in tits, butt, ass, dick, penis, vagina, asshole, prick, fuck and these all stayed the same. 

Who makes these fucking rules??? ...and what exactly do they go by???

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