Saturday July 7th, 2012

It's only noon and already up to 100 degrees.  We are expecting to get up to 103.  I am really looking forward to Monday when it will be in the middle 80's.  I, for one can't wait until winter rolls around again. :)

When I planted my seeds, I didn't get around to labeling them.  Now that every thing is pretty much growing, I don't know what I have...except for the tomato, squash and carrots...Ha, I do know what those are supposed to look like.  So, anyway, I was so proud of one plant that is growing like crazy. It's almost 4 ft tall and really looks good.
Since one of the guys that I work with knows a lot about plants, I took a photo of it.  Yesterday I showed it to him to see if he knew what it was.

Come to find out it is called Pokeweed.  It's poisonous raw, but can be used if it's cooked twice and the water is thrown away twice.   I didn't even plant it, but  a bird must have shitted it in my garden. :(

I researched a bit on my Kabocha (squash) plant.  Sue was right.  Turns out the plant produces male blooms first. These drop off and are followed by female blooms a week or so later.  I'll be keeping my eyes on them  for the female blooms.


  1. Hope you have good luck with your garden. Our squash and zucchini are taking over...ha. But I am at my Mom and Dad's and haven't eaten any. Take care, Sheila

  2. too. How's your Mom doing?

  3. She is doing very well. Starting to get stronger. She has even made biscuits the last three mornings. Sitting on a stool, of course. Thanks for asking, Sheila


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