Friday, June 1st, 2012

Looks like I'm accidentally growing potatoes :)

It also looks like I'm only capable of growing carrots.  My gardening skills seems to be severely lacking, or the soil is crap, or the weather is still not warm enough, or they don't get enough sun....  I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Yesterday, a dear friend and co-worker of mine's husband delivered two dressers to my house.  I'm such a happy camper!  Now finally my socks and underwear have a place to live. :)

In other news of mail man just delivered the package that had been delayed due to an airline strike in India.

Whooohooo.....enough Naltrexone which I will turn into a years worth of  LDN. :)

Happy Friday everyone :)


  1. awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome for the potatoes - awesome for the dressers - SCORE! - and awesome on 1yrs worth of LDN!!!!

    it IS an awesome friday! your friend,

  2. sure was a day of awesomeness!!! :)

  3. The only thing I suck at so far is growing carrots! We need to get together and share notes :-) How are you going to change the naltraxone (I also suck at spelling, I'm sure I butchered that word) into LDN?

    1. lol....yep, we need to share notes. Carrots might be the only thing that survives in my front yard.
      I bought 30 tablets of Naltrexone. Each one is 50 mg. I measure out 50 ml of destilled or filtered water in a glass jar and add one tablet. It desolves in about 20 minutes. Then I have 50 ml of Naltrexone. I take 4.5 ml a night so that one pill makes about 11 days worth.
      30 pills give me about 330 days worth and it only cost me $60 for feeling awesome!!!

  4. Sue, I really wish you would give LDN a try or at least research it. It has helped so many people that have MS.


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