Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

^^I don't know what kind of flower this is, but it sure is beautiful.  It is growing in my mom's yard

^^In Germany, we call this Mohn. It grows in fields. I don't know what it is called here.

On the way home from my mom's on Mother's Day, I stopped to get some fuel.  Along the way I stopped by Jimmy's store, Virginia Pistol.  His store is now housed in a much larger building.  I only took a few photos since class was in session.

I was so busy running my mouth with Jimmy that I forgot to take picture of the outside of the store.  LOL, I need to get out more!

^^1/2 a car ^^
 Just before I got back home I had to go through a police checkpoint.  I scrambled to put my seat belt on and pull out my driver's license and permit to conceal to carry.  When I pulled up to the cop  said: "What a cute little car.  You can go ahead ma'am."  Ha, tell me it doesn't pay to be older and drive half a car. :)

I picked up this huge rug at a yard sale last week.  Not bad for 10 bucks, eh?  Around here they go for about 80 bucks when you buy one new.

If I keep this up, I won't have to worry about finding something to cover the concrete floor.  A few more yard sales, a few more rugs, and I'll have the whole thing covered. :)

I have just enough time to make a fresh batch of LDN, then it's off to work.


  1. good find in the rug.
    tiny red car
    i love being
    older, most of it,

    1. Me too! I fell awesome and think this is the best time of my life.

  2. It is a cute 'half a car'. Have a great 'rest of the week' and weekend, Sheila

  3. Sheila...thanks. You have a great weekend too.


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