Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

This loaf of potato bread, that I bought for T-Jay, has been sitting on my kitchen counter since April 23rd.  Yes, it has been opened and yes, it expired on April 26th.

No mold and it looks like I bought it today. 
I wonder when it will finally get moldy?  Or will it ever?

Sometimes I really miss eating bread, but only for a few minutes. 
After I think about all the chemicals and preservatives that are in the store bought breads, I change my mind.  Of course, being able to keep my weight down by not eating grains or sugar also helps. :) This also keeps me from baking my own.

The other day I caught that rat bastard of a bird flying into the space in my siding in front of the house.  All this time I thought the bird must be nesting in the attic, but T-Jay and I climbed up there the other day and did not find anything that looks like a nest.  Now we think it is nesting in the space between the siding and the wall of the house. The thumping, scratching, pecking noises were getting me up at a little after 5 every morning.  I rarely sleep in, but I sure want to be able to if I choose to. 
The noise that the bird was making has almost stopped now.  I wonder if that means she is sitting on the nest? 
Anyway, I talked to one of my co-workers last week.  He has agreed to come by with a long ladder so he can secure that piece of siding and block the opening so that this won't happen again. 

This week I am still on my crazy schedule and I'm hoping that by Monday I will be back to my 3PM to 9PM schedule.  This will free up time before I go in to chase cars, do inpections etc.  ...and I really need to finish cleaning the walls and carpet that I haven't had time to mess with.   I sure could use 4 or 5 extra hours per day!

Paying the utility bills this month was almost a pleasure.  Electric bill was $87.96, that's $70 down from May last year.  The water bill was $37.39 which is $60 less than May last year.  I'm absolutely anal about saving water and electric.  Not having a microwave or a dryer helps too, I'm sure.  The microwave left with the room mates and the dryer kicked the bucket about a month ago.

So far it hasn't been too hot out here.  Last night we were able to open the windows and the air conditioner didn't kick back on until around 3 this afternoon.  Looks like we will have another cool night tonight, which is awesome!! :)

I'm still waiting on my order of Naltrexone that I put in on the beginning of this month.  I along with two co-workers bought enough to get the free shipping.  When it comes in, I'll have a years worth.   I received an email last week telling me that the airline that this company uses is on strike in India and the shipment had to be rerouted and will be delayed.  I'm glad that I have enough to last me another couple of months. 

I did receive a bottle of 30 4.5 mg capsules that I keep for times when I can't be bothered with mixing or taking the liquid form.  This would come in handy if I had to stay the night somewhere or had to travel since the liquid form needs to be refrigerated.

Hopefully the shipment will come in the next few days.

Silly out in the front yard eating her salad. :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

There has been a bunch of noise in my upstairs bedroom wall for the past two weeks.  Scratching, tapping noises.  I was so afraid that I had major rat problems.  Then I thought it had to be something else, since I only heard the noise during the day, but not at night.  Maybe it's squirrel?  Then the other day I noticed all the pink stuff in my front yard which turned out to be insulation.

I went around the house to see if I could see an opening in the roof where animals could get in.  That's when I noticed the gap in the siding in the front of the house.  It can't be more than maybe two inches.

Then I caught the rat bastard coming out of the opening.

Soon as I get time, I'm going to climb up in the attic to see if I can block the opening.  I don't know if she is building the nest outside or in my attic.  I'm assuming on the outside since she's stealing my insulation and dropping it out in my yard.  Sneaky wench!

While I was checking out the roof I noticed that I'm growing maple trees up in my gutters.  I hope I can find the business card of the guy that cleaned it out last year

It's always something!

Meanwhile, I have a new co-worker in training.  Hopefully my schedule will go back to normal in another week or so.

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

^^I don't know what kind of flower this is, but it sure is beautiful.  It is growing in my mom's yard

^^In Germany, we call this Mohn. It grows in fields. I don't know what it is called here.

On the way home from my mom's on Mother's Day, I stopped to get some fuel.  Along the way I stopped by Jimmy's store, Virginia Pistol.  His store is now housed in a much larger building.  I only took a few photos since class was in session.

I was so busy running my mouth with Jimmy that I forgot to take picture of the outside of the store.  LOL, I need to get out more!

^^1/2 a car ^^
 Just before I got back home I had to go through a police checkpoint.  I scrambled to put my seat belt on and pull out my driver's license and permit to conceal to carry.  When I pulled up to the cop  said: "What a cute little car.  You can go ahead ma'am."  Ha, tell me it doesn't pay to be older and drive half a car. :)

I picked up this huge rug at a yard sale last week.  Not bad for 10 bucks, eh?  Around here they go for about 80 bucks when you buy one new.

If I keep this up, I won't have to worry about finding something to cover the concrete floor.  A few more yard sales, a few more rugs, and I'll have the whole thing covered. :)

I have just enough time to make a fresh batch of LDN, then it's off to work.


No shortage of Maple trees here...

Damn!! Why is it so hard to start writing after such a long time???

Nothing new is happening on my end lately.  Still need to finish cleaning the house, still need to do something about the concrete floor in the living room.  The garden is growing a bit and my beans actually have blossoms on them.  I didn't want to spend any more money on good soil, so I hope the plants will be okay with what they have.

I'm awfully short on time lately due to one of the workers at Millers' quitting, so I'm putting in even more hours until we hire someone new.  It's hard to get anything done besides work.  We are closing for Mother's Day tomorrow and I don't have any chases scheduled until Tuesday morning.  Tomorrow I'll go visit my Mom and hang out a while. Maybe when I get back home I'll tackle cleaning the stairway walls.  I really need to get it done while it is cool and I can keep windows open incase I need to pull out chemicals to get it clean.

Fantastic news in the bill department.  Did I tell you that I hate to pay for water and electric?  Well, this past month the electric bill to my all electric home was $89 and the water bill was $39.  This is the lowest utility bills I have EVER had since 1998 and it is just awesome!!!!

I ordered a new supply of Naltrexone (LDN).  I still have about a six week supply, but I don't want to take a chance of running out and having to wait six weeks to get a new batch.  LDN has cleared up another issue which I didn't realize until I used regular fingernail clippers to cut my toe nails.  Usually I have  to use these little pliers due to the thickness of the nails.  I've been plagued by tonail fungus for so many years and nothing has ever helped.   I can actually wear sandals now.  It's amazing what the immune system can do when it works properly.
I now have a pretty impressive list of things that LDN has taken care of.....

Pre-cancerous skin has not returned.
No more migraines.
No colds.
No pain from bones spurs in elbows.
No more boils.
Toenails clear, thinning and almost back to normal.
No more bladder control issues.
Great sleep.
Great energy and feeling of well being.

Live is good! :)

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. 
I hope you get spoiled tomorrow!!


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