Monday March 19, 2012

Wooohoooo!  After 5.5 hours of cleaning using the carpet steam cleaner and the vapor cleaner, LOL, making sure they were not plugged in at the same time so that they wouldn't throw off the breakers, I have a clean bedroom carpet. 
Looks like my little pussy approves. :)

I turned the box fan on full blast this morning, so I hope it will be dry by the time I get home so that I can move my two pieces of furniture back. 

I picked up this rug at a yard sale right down the street yesterday.  Paid five bucks for it, took it home, steam cleaned it and it's good to go. :)

Also picked up this handy gadget for my garden.


Woke up to the cherry tree in full bloom this morning.  Sure wish it would stay like this for a while, but blossoms were already on the ground.  I can't believe how big this tree has gotten in the last couple of years.  How long before I finally get some cherries on this thing?


I'm waiting on my seed order to come in.  This time I ordered only veggies that will do well in very little sun.  I have one tree in the front and one in the back.  It's great for shade in the summer, but not so great for growing veggies.


  1. You might not be a 'Merry Maid' but the carpet looks great! I know it will feel good to soon be able to kick back and enjoy it!...Hey, invite me over for a housewarming...after you're cleaned up, hahameow!

  2. Teri...yep, I'm planning on having a get together soon. Still have a lot of cleaning to do.'ll have to bring your own chair...I'm just about furniture less when it comes to company.

  3. Heck, do you need an office sized desk chair, or 2 folding wooden chairs ala Pier One vintage? I have both to give away

  4. I have an office chair, but could use the wooden chairs. :)

  5. How fortuitous to find the rug when you were going to steam the carpet anyway!

    The cherry tree is GEORGEOUS! Your spring is a lot further along than mine, but today is the day...spring equinox! Have a great day!

  6. Sue...I brought home 7 more rugs from my mom's today. I trying to cover up the ugly ancient carpet downstairs. That ought to do it until I can yank it all out.
    Love the cherry tree. It's getting so wide, I ought to charge the neighbors a small fee for the shade. :)


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