Friday, March 30th, 2012

Cooking for the weekend this morning.  Saturday is my longest work day at Millers'.  I get off between 9 and 10 PM on Friday night, then turn around and work Saturday from open to close....when ever that is. :)  Usually I slip away around 3 PM on Saturday afternoon to grab a bite of real food.  I only take an hour, so I like to have something ready that I can just throw into the toaster oven.

Three pounds of turkey necks covered with cajun seasoning.

Purple Dead Nettle, Dandelion, red onion, yukon potatoes, celery and garlic.

Covered the meat with all the goodies and about 1/2 cup of filtered water and put it in the oven until the meat fell off the bones.

I'm still organizing and moving stuff.  I went under the stairs this morning and got out all my herbs and powders.  Got the shelf unit out of the shed and up in my bedroom so that I could use it for my goodies.  Sure is nice to have everything in one place and easy to find when I need it.

Bush beans and cucumbers are coming up nicely.  I wish I knew if the frost was over with.   I can't wait to plant everything outside. :)

Here is the finished turkey neckbone stew....or what ever you want to call it.  It doesn't look all that great, but it sure does taste awesomely. :)

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Kinda looks like snow, doesn't it??

The iQuteness was covered with them so bad that I had to hose her off before I left for a car chase this morning.  I need to get it off of the sidewalk because no matter how hard T-Jay and I try, we keep tracking it in the house.   This morning it looked like someone had puked in the hall way until you look closely and realize that they are lumps of  flower pedals from the cherry tree.

The weirdest thing happened to me a couple of days ago.  Got up, made a cup of coffee and didn't like the taste of it.  No changes as in water or coffee....I just didn't like it.  The next morning the same thing.  I've never heard of this before.  I've been drinking coffee for 40 years, every day, now all the sudden I don't like the taste anymore?    This morning I had  rooibois, my favorite tea,  instead.  Must have needed the caffeine because I had the hardest time staying awake on my long drive to Boston, VA.  Almost had to pull over a few times.  Did make it home okay.  I guess my body will have to get used to functioning without it.

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Look, Kymber, there's a gnome coming out of my cherry tree :)

There is a two inch tall green bean plant in the back yard.  It's supposed to go down to 34 degrees on Monday night.  I'm wondering if we will get another
frost before it's over with.

Had a visitor this morning.  This beauty stops by all the time to take a bath.

It's been a rough week.  My father, who lived in Germany, passed away last Sunday night.  He was buried yesterday, on his birthday.  It really hit home last night when that gadget on Facebook announced that it was his birthday yesterday, telling me to send my birthday wishes and he's gone.  It's really sad.  Many things were left unsaid and he died alone in a hospital after being ill for many years.  May he rest in peace.

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

          ^^^Look what's growing in my backyard....made it through the winter. :)

 ^^^What the hell is this?  My neighbors yards are taking over by it and they're                starting to grow in mine too.  I sure hope that I can eat it!

^^^I dug this out of the shed.  I've been meaning to put it up since last year, but with having room mates and not enough space, I never got around to it. 

^^^ For once I have something that is truly "plug and play".  No tools needed. :)

No cleaning got done today.  I had too much other stuff to take care of.  Well, it's's not like I'm on some kind of schedule to get it done. 

I cooked some rice and tomato with meat sauce.  Have had the fan on full blast upstairs all morning.  Cleaned the ceiling fan and of course I lost some of the screws that go into the blades.  Planted some carrot seeds and put them in my little green house.  Now, I'm going to look and see what I did with the rest of my seeds.

Wednesday March 21st, 2012

Cleaned one wall and a part of the ceiling in the living room this morning.  After that I moved my little office to the clean side.  One of the rugs that my mom gave me is covering a butt ugly spot on the wall. :)  I've got little rugs everywhere and it feels warm and comfortable in here now.

Another thing I picked up from my mom's was this beautiful lamp.  I had found the perfect place for it, but then I ran into a big problem.....


I will tackle another living room wall in the morning.  Maybe I'll get finished with this room by the weekend.  Then it's off to finish the hallway.  Slowly but surely, everything is coming together.

My bedroom still is not dry and was  smelling pretty funky.  I stopped by a store and bought a couple of containers of baking soda based carpet powder.  I emptied one of those container as soon as I got home.  I sure do hope that the humidity lets up a bit tomorrow so that it can finally dry out.

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

  • I was going to cook curried chicken over spinach...but didn't have any spinach.  It called for raw chicken, but I cooked the whole chicken, took the meat off the bones and cooked the hell out of the bones to make some awesome chicken broth.  Didn't have any ginger either.  So it was time to improvise.  I added the apples because like like my curry to have a hint of sweetness.  It turned out pretty good. :)

  • chicken cut into bite sized pieces 
  • chicken stock
  •  cloves garlic, sliced
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 2 tsp curry powder
  • 1 medium sized onion, cut in half and sliced
  • lots of celery
  • 4 carrots
  • 4  potatoes, yellow ones, cut up like french fries
  • 2 large juicy apples, cut up
  • 1 can coconut milk
  • salt & white pepper to taste

My carpet still isn't dry upstairs.  I guess it's no wonder since I cleaned it for 5 and a half hours.    It actually squished when I walked on it.  I tried the fan, but that didn't do the trick.  Tomorrow I'll try a heater instead.  Hopefully that will dry it out.

Went to see my mom this morning and raided her garage of pictures and rugs.  The rugs are for the downstairs until I yank the old carpet out.  The pictures are for the butt ugly yellow walls in my bedroom.  One day I'll paint it. :)

Time for LDN and bed.  Got plenty of stuff to do tomorrow.

Monday March 19, 2012

Wooohoooo!  After 5.5 hours of cleaning using the carpet steam cleaner and the vapor cleaner, LOL, making sure they were not plugged in at the same time so that they wouldn't throw off the breakers, I have a clean bedroom carpet. 
Looks like my little pussy approves. :)

I turned the box fan on full blast this morning, so I hope it will be dry by the time I get home so that I can move my two pieces of furniture back. 

I picked up this rug at a yard sale right down the street yesterday.  Paid five bucks for it, took it home, steam cleaned it and it's good to go. :)

Also picked up this handy gadget for my garden.


Woke up to the cherry tree in full bloom this morning.  Sure wish it would stay like this for a while, but blossoms were already on the ground.  I can't believe how big this tree has gotten in the last couple of years.  How long before I finally get some cherries on this thing?


I'm waiting on my seed order to come in.  This time I ordered only veggies that will do well in very little sun.  I have one tree in the front and one in the back.  It's great for shade in the summer, but not so great for growing veggies.

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

I've been wanting to watch this moving for a while now and finally got the chance tonight.  :)

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

I just got in an hour ago.  So much for getting off at 7 PM....oh well, 
tomorrow is another day.

I finished cleaning the master bedroom on Thursday and moved my bed upstairs.  Then all I was waiting on was the carpet cleaner.  The carpet cleaner came in today and I had planned to clean some carpet tonight, but it's late and I have to perform an inspection in Ashburn in the morning before I go into Millers' at noon.  I'll get to it tomorrow night when I get off.

All in all, it's looking pretty good in here.  Still have one more bedroom and the hallway to get clean.  Then the carpet and the stairs.

It's a quiet Saturday night in the neighborhood.  The cherry tree that my mom and step-pop planted when they bought this house is already blooming.  The flower bed on the right is all cleaned out and ready for some 
goodies to be planted.

My gnomes are guarding the house. :)

I got on the scale for the first time in two weeks this morning.  To my surprise, I have lost eight pounds without even trying.  I was afraid to get on it thinking that  I had gained some weight back.    Must have been all that ripping and running up and down the stairs to get my bedroom ready. :)  Strange, even though I'm down to 154, when I look in the mirror, I still look fat to me.

Wednesday March 14th 2012

I've been waiting for the Scion iQ to come out in what seems forever!!  The first one arrived at our dealership on the 25th of last month.  Two days before it physically arrived, I had already traded in my Scion xD and the paper work was all signed.  Here she is at home parked next to the Evil Twin.

The iQuteness, her new nickname, looks tiny, but it's not much smaller on the inside than the xD.....until I look in the back and there is no rear end. :)  The gas mileage is awesome for my day time job since I have to go to a lot of  areas away from the interstate.  Right now I'm getting between 34 and 36 miles a gallon.  Gas prices are climbing towards the big 4.00 everyday, so I'm glad to have her.  

In other news.....I'm still not sleeping in the master bedroom.  In the last few days I've been busy with inspections and other things which leaves me with not enough time to get down and dirty.  That's about to change in the morning though.....I have nowhere to go tomorrow.  I'm planning to at least clean the wall that has windows so that I can finally put some curtains up.

It's been so quiet at home the last few days.  No TV, no internet.  T-Jay did hook up the cable this afternoon, so I can have the TV talking to the back of my head again.

Tomorrow the modem should come in, so internet should be back up and running by tomorrow night. sure is hard to do without.  No bill paying, no checking the bank account, no answering emails, no Facebook, no Google+, no blogs.   I sure will be glad to have it back!!!

I did spend a half hour cleaning up the backyard today.  I was raking up some leaves and found a flower pot with a strawberry plant about 2 inches tall.  Amazing with this weird warm weather we are having this early in the year.  Our cherry tree has buds all over it and will probably bloom in the next week.

Monday March 12th, 2012

I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom downstairs, turned around thinking, wrong bathroom.  Went upstairs to the second bathroom, turned around thinking, wrong bathroom.  Went to the nice freshly cleaned bathroom in the master bedroom .....and found all my stuff!!!  :)

My cat didn't sleep with me last night.  No idea where the wench slept at.  She's been roaming the wide open spaces of the house.  LOL  Last night we found her in a dresser drawer.

I finished cleaning the bathroom in the master bedroom last night.  I even got the mold from the ceiling.  After that I moved everything in there from the 1/2 bath downstairs.  This morning I cleaned the walk-in-closet and moved all my clothes and shoes in.  There is a corner by the door with shelves that I also cleaned.  That's were I will keep my herbs, tinctures and other goodies to keep us healthy.

Then I started on the folding doors to the closet...the left side is done.

I also started on one of the windows, using Kymber's cleaning recipe. Thanks Kymber!!! :)

Then I inspected a Tattoo Shop.   I happened to park next to a Smart Car...

The owner of the Smart Car told me that my car is way cooler than his. :)

Went back home and emptied  the extra fridge and freezer that I won't need right now.

Then argued with Comcast over getting internet and cable installed.  Rat Bastards!!!  One hand doesn't know what the other one is doing.  I need to prove that I own my house and also prove that my room mates turned in their Comcast equipment....which they returned this morning.  

So, no internet for a few days, I'm at work now.  No TV, but I really don't care about that.  I have enough "House" episodes on my hard drive  for a week....just in case I miss it.

I'm beat.  One more hour then I go home. :)

Sunday March 11th, 2012

After almost four years, my three room mates are in the process of moving out.  Just a few more items and T-Jay and I will have our home back.

  This morning I changed my bedroom back into a living room by removing the temporary wall that closed the living room from the kitchen.  I'm still going to be sleeping there, but it is an incentive for me to hurry up and get the upstairs master bedroom cleaned up from top to bottom.

It was pretty awesome to go to the shed and dig out MY kitchen stuff and organize it in the kitchen. The kitchen is done and so is the dining room.  I cleaned the walls and ceilings of nicotine stains weeks ago right before I told my roomies that I did not want anymore smoking in the house.

It took over a week just to clean the kitchen, dining room and hallway.  There was a brown film over everything, even on the inside of the kitchen cabinets.

After I got home from work last night I kept on working on the downstairs....trying to avoid taking a peek at the two bedrooms that are now empty upstairs.  I haven't really been in them for the last four years and had no idea what to expect.

Right before I went to bed, I decided to bite the bullet and check the rooms out to see what I have to deal with for the next couple of weeks.

I was almost in tears. 

Below is the master bedroom.  The ceiling WAS white and the walls WERE a pale yellow.  The carpet WAS light beige and was only installed five years ago.

Doesn't it look depressing?
Below is the ceiling.

I went ahead and filled up the Vapor IV.  At least I'll be able to get it cleaned with little to no chemicals this way.  I just wish I had went ahead to have this room painted with semi gloss paint, like I did the rest of the house.  Right now I'm wondering if I can even get this mess cleaned up.

The carpet is in good shape under that stool....LOL  What a mess!

Upstairs hallway.

I sure am grateful that my son will be able to take care of the other half of the upstairs.  Ha, at least that's painted in cleanable paint. :)

Hopefully I will have new photos that are not as depressing in the next few weeks.

My plan is to first clean the bathroom in the master bedroom so that I can go ahead and move my things in there from the downstairs half bath.  Then I will tackle the walk-in closet so that I can move my clothes in there that are now hanging in the make believe closet in the living room.  Then the rest of the master bedroom so that I can move my bed etc in there.  After that I will concentrate on making
the living room downstairs into a real living room. 

Might have to pick up some furniture somewhere, but that can wait. 

I just want the stink out of there!

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

I noticed this when I was inspecting some apartments that were built in the early 50's.

Are there bars in the peephole to keep people from poking you in the eye?

It's been a pretty crazy couple of weeks around here.
I have been slammed with inspections and am down to the last two.  Hopefully they will be finished by the end of the week.  Due to these requiring me to make appointments with the home owner, it's taking a bit longer than I expected.

These latest inspections were for people that have a child that was injured at birth.  It made me realize again how different we all are in how we handle stress, illness, and the sense of being overwhelmed. 

One parent was very intoxicated by the time I arrived one morning.  

One parent was extremely angry on the phone while I was trying to make the appointment and I was dreading having to deal with him in person, but when I arrived, he was as pleasant as could be.  

Another parent, who is suffering from the same type of cancer that Steve Jobs died from and is taking care of her 22 year old son that was injured at birth.......she was just amazing.  I don't know if I would have the strength.  She is one of those people, that after you talk to them for a few minutes, you feel like you've known them for years.

All in all, it's been two weeks of sadness and complete amazement.

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