Good Bye Blogger

I really was not happy with the changes in Blogger and held off as long as I could. Then they forced it on me.....and you know how I am when things get on my last nerve....I have to make the issue go away.  I decided it was time to move so that blogging would not be so much of a “job”. So far, so good. It’s a bit of a learning curve, but I like it so far. Will see how it goes.

Meanwhile, I'll be moving things over little by little as I figure everything out.

Sunday July 8th, 2012

It's 100 degrees and we are about to get a major thunder storm.  I just went out to close the windows on my car.  While I was inside the steaming, sauna of a car, I noticed my clipboard that I use when I'm doing my field work.

I really surprised that it didn't melt into the carpet.  Guess it's time to to get one of those old fashioned ones without the plastic?

Saturday July 7th, 2012

It's only noon and already up to 100 degrees.  We are expecting to get up to 103.  I am really looking forward to Monday when it will be in the middle 80's.  I, for one can't wait until winter rolls around again. :)

When I planted my seeds, I didn't get around to labeling them.  Now that every thing is pretty much growing, I don't know what I have...except for the tomato, squash and carrots...Ha, I do know what those are supposed to look like.  So, anyway, I was so proud of one plant that is growing like crazy. It's almost 4 ft tall and really looks good.
Since one of the guys that I work with knows a lot about plants, I took a photo of it.  Yesterday I showed it to him to see if he knew what it was.

Come to find out it is called Pokeweed.  It's poisonous raw, but can be used if it's cooked twice and the water is thrown away twice.   I didn't even plant it, but  a bird must have shitted it in my garden. :(

I researched a bit on my Kabocha (squash) plant.  Sue was right.  Turns out the plant produces male blooms first. These drop off and are followed by female blooms a week or so later.  I'll be keeping my eyes on them  for the female blooms.

Friday July 6th, 2012

Kabocha blooming, but I don't see any baby Kabocha.  WTF?

I haven't thrown this bread, that was "fresh until Apr 26", away yet.  It's just amazing that it still hasn't grown any mold.  It doesn't even smell old.  I know that I will never eat store bought bread again.  Can you imagine all the chemicals  in there that keeps it preserved?  This isn't food!

I just finished making a fresh batch of LDN.  LOL....This is the only thing that tastes so nasty, that I have ever taken for such a long time.

My pussy is watching the bird in the nest in the tree.  I was letting her out without the leash, but she started to wander.  She would climb the tree and then jump over the fence.  I'm glad that she comes when I call her.  She never went too far, but she did get into the back yard of my neighbor four townhouses down from me.  My neighbor complained.  
Silly woman, all she had to do is chase her out of her yard.  My pussy doesn't even look like  a dangerous animal, does she?

This is my new dryer.  It works really well and holds a huge amount of clothing.  When it's not in use, it just folds up and I put it in the shed.  The only thing I miss about having an electric dryer is the anti-fuzz action and the lint trap.  Plus, clothing comes out a lot softer.  The thing I don't miss is the electric bill. :)

This is going to be a super long weekend.  We are having a special at Millers' and will be open for 17 hours tomorrow.  I have no idea how long I will be there, but it's going to be a long day.  I wonder if we will have any customers around midnight.

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

I was scheduled to work from 9 AM until 9 PM yesterday, but it slowed down to a crawl by 6 PM, so I got to go home early.  Just enough time to cook some Fava Beans and Carrots in butter and some pork chops with awesome gravy.  I added a small pot of rice to go under all that awesomeness. :)

Looks like I got a mom in a nest in my maple tree.

The black bird that was living in my wall seems to have raised her children and has moved on. more scratching and knocking at sunrise. :)

It had been a year since I got 19 teeth pulled in one day.  Since then I had a temporary set of dentures to wear.  During that time I had the worst time chewing my food.  Well, last Tuesday, I finally got my permanent set.  What a relief.  My gums shrunk quite a bit in the last 12 months and the new set fits so much better.  I am finally able to chew my food. :) Ha, I might even be able to eat raw veggies again.  There is a bit of pain due to rubbing, but I'm hoping that I just need to get used to them.  If not, I'll go back and have them adjusted.  Was it worth it?   Hell yeah, it sure is great not to have to deal with tooth aches anymore. :)

It looks like most people around here have their power back on after the storm last weekend.  I talked to my mom earlier today.  She told me that hers came back on late yesterday.  Five days without power for her and her hubby.  I feel bad for those people that are still waiting.  Luckily we have our power lines underground here and the lights just flickered a couple of times during last weekends storm.  The worst thing for us  was that Verizon was down and we had no phone for most of Saturday.

I had a car chase to do this morning.  I was hired to find the owner of a Toyota in Haymarket, VA.  Before I go on a chase, I always research the name and address of the person that I'm looking for.  I amazes me that after all these years of Facebook, people still do not seem to pay attention to their privacy settings. I found the person that I was looking for, her employer, employers address and phone number, how long she has been working there, a photo of her at her employers website, where she lives now, whom she is living with, that she is divorced and has a daughter, what school her daughter goes to, that she had no power after the storm, that a tree was down on her street, that she has a 90 year old grandmother that she took to Target to cool off etc, etc, etc.....  Needless to say, I found the car.  When will people learn to lock their Facebook page down????

Tuesday July 3rd, 2012

Last week I decided to take my last two vacation days, not for a vacation, but to have two days to finally finish cleaning the walls, ceilings, and carpet of my home.  It got to the point that I didn't even feel like coming home any more.  The brown, tobacco stained walls were down right depressing.

So, on Saturday bright early morning I started by steam cleaning and wiping the walls and ceilings in my living room, dining room and hallway.  It took me all day just to clean the living room and dining room areas.

I had removed all the rugs so that they wouldn't get all stained from the goo dripping from the walls and ceiling.

Tadaaa....all finished and sparkling, shiny white.  Without repainting.  The paint is only 5 years old.

That night I took a shower and slept for 14 hours.  Was I wiped out!!!  The next morning I could hardly walk.  It felt like some one had tightened the muscles in the back of my legs.

Then it was on to the stairs and hallway which took me all of Sunday.  Finally by 7 PM I was done.  Then I washed every towel in the house, hung them out to dry.  An hour later I had them folded and put away.  Then I went to sleep again.

Today I'm still sore, but it was so worth it.  My house is once again a pleasure to come home to. :)

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

I found my first Kabocha after many months at Global Food Store.  Doesn't it look just full of awsomeness?? :)  Can't wait to cook it!

I think I have found something that likes to grow in my yard.   Kabocha, grown from the seeds that I saved from the last one that I cooked.

 I guess we will see how it goes. 

Got last months utility bills in last week.  The electric is down to $66 and the water down to $29.95.  The electric must be so low because of my dryer kicking the bucket.  That just shows me that the bright yellow signs that we see on new appliances, that show us how much it costs to run the item per year, is just plain bullshit!  Besides not being able to use the dryer, nothing else has changed this past I had the air conditioner on for a few days.

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Looks like I'm accidentally growing potatoes :)

It also looks like I'm only capable of growing carrots.  My gardening skills seems to be severely lacking, or the soil is crap, or the weather is still not warm enough, or they don't get enough sun....  I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Yesterday, a dear friend and co-worker of mine's husband delivered two dressers to my house.  I'm such a happy camper!  Now finally my socks and underwear have a place to live. :)

In other news of mail man just delivered the package that had been delayed due to an airline strike in India.

Whooohooo.....enough Naltrexone which I will turn into a years worth of  LDN. :)

Happy Friday everyone :)

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

This loaf of potato bread, that I bought for T-Jay, has been sitting on my kitchen counter since April 23rd.  Yes, it has been opened and yes, it expired on April 26th.

No mold and it looks like I bought it today. 
I wonder when it will finally get moldy?  Or will it ever?

Sometimes I really miss eating bread, but only for a few minutes. 
After I think about all the chemicals and preservatives that are in the store bought breads, I change my mind.  Of course, being able to keep my weight down by not eating grains or sugar also helps. :) This also keeps me from baking my own.

The other day I caught that rat bastard of a bird flying into the space in my siding in front of the house.  All this time I thought the bird must be nesting in the attic, but T-Jay and I climbed up there the other day and did not find anything that looks like a nest.  Now we think it is nesting in the space between the siding and the wall of the house. The thumping, scratching, pecking noises were getting me up at a little after 5 every morning.  I rarely sleep in, but I sure want to be able to if I choose to. 
The noise that the bird was making has almost stopped now.  I wonder if that means she is sitting on the nest? 
Anyway, I talked to one of my co-workers last week.  He has agreed to come by with a long ladder so he can secure that piece of siding and block the opening so that this won't happen again. 

This week I am still on my crazy schedule and I'm hoping that by Monday I will be back to my 3PM to 9PM schedule.  This will free up time before I go in to chase cars, do inpections etc.  ...and I really need to finish cleaning the walls and carpet that I haven't had time to mess with.   I sure could use 4 or 5 extra hours per day!

Paying the utility bills this month was almost a pleasure.  Electric bill was $87.96, that's $70 down from May last year.  The water bill was $37.39 which is $60 less than May last year.  I'm absolutely anal about saving water and electric.  Not having a microwave or a dryer helps too, I'm sure.  The microwave left with the room mates and the dryer kicked the bucket about a month ago.

So far it hasn't been too hot out here.  Last night we were able to open the windows and the air conditioner didn't kick back on until around 3 this afternoon.  Looks like we will have another cool night tonight, which is awesome!! :)

I'm still waiting on my order of Naltrexone that I put in on the beginning of this month.  I along with two co-workers bought enough to get the free shipping.  When it comes in, I'll have a years worth.   I received an email last week telling me that the airline that this company uses is on strike in India and the shipment had to be rerouted and will be delayed.  I'm glad that I have enough to last me another couple of months. 

I did receive a bottle of 30 4.5 mg capsules that I keep for times when I can't be bothered with mixing or taking the liquid form.  This would come in handy if I had to stay the night somewhere or had to travel since the liquid form needs to be refrigerated.

Hopefully the shipment will come in the next few days.

Silly out in the front yard eating her salad. :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

There has been a bunch of noise in my upstairs bedroom wall for the past two weeks.  Scratching, tapping noises.  I was so afraid that I had major rat problems.  Then I thought it had to be something else, since I only heard the noise during the day, but not at night.  Maybe it's squirrel?  Then the other day I noticed all the pink stuff in my front yard which turned out to be insulation.

I went around the house to see if I could see an opening in the roof where animals could get in.  That's when I noticed the gap in the siding in the front of the house.  It can't be more than maybe two inches.

Then I caught the rat bastard coming out of the opening.

Soon as I get time, I'm going to climb up in the attic to see if I can block the opening.  I don't know if she is building the nest outside or in my attic.  I'm assuming on the outside since she's stealing my insulation and dropping it out in my yard.  Sneaky wench!

While I was checking out the roof I noticed that I'm growing maple trees up in my gutters.  I hope I can find the business card of the guy that cleaned it out last year

It's always something!

Meanwhile, I have a new co-worker in training.  Hopefully my schedule will go back to normal in another week or so.

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

^^I don't know what kind of flower this is, but it sure is beautiful.  It is growing in my mom's yard

^^In Germany, we call this Mohn. It grows in fields. I don't know what it is called here.

On the way home from my mom's on Mother's Day, I stopped to get some fuel.  Along the way I stopped by Jimmy's store, Virginia Pistol.  His store is now housed in a much larger building.  I only took a few photos since class was in session.

I was so busy running my mouth with Jimmy that I forgot to take picture of the outside of the store.  LOL, I need to get out more!

^^1/2 a car ^^
 Just before I got back home I had to go through a police checkpoint.  I scrambled to put my seat belt on and pull out my driver's license and permit to conceal to carry.  When I pulled up to the cop  said: "What a cute little car.  You can go ahead ma'am."  Ha, tell me it doesn't pay to be older and drive half a car. :)

I picked up this huge rug at a yard sale last week.  Not bad for 10 bucks, eh?  Around here they go for about 80 bucks when you buy one new.

If I keep this up, I won't have to worry about finding something to cover the concrete floor.  A few more yard sales, a few more rugs, and I'll have the whole thing covered. :)

I have just enough time to make a fresh batch of LDN, then it's off to work.


No shortage of Maple trees here...

Damn!! Why is it so hard to start writing after such a long time???

Nothing new is happening on my end lately.  Still need to finish cleaning the house, still need to do something about the concrete floor in the living room.  The garden is growing a bit and my beans actually have blossoms on them.  I didn't want to spend any more money on good soil, so I hope the plants will be okay with what they have.

I'm awfully short on time lately due to one of the workers at Millers' quitting, so I'm putting in even more hours until we hire someone new.  It's hard to get anything done besides work.  We are closing for Mother's Day tomorrow and I don't have any chases scheduled until Tuesday morning.  Tomorrow I'll go visit my Mom and hang out a while. Maybe when I get back home I'll tackle cleaning the stairway walls.  I really need to get it done while it is cool and I can keep windows open incase I need to pull out chemicals to get it clean.

Fantastic news in the bill department.  Did I tell you that I hate to pay for water and electric?  Well, this past month the electric bill to my all electric home was $89 and the water bill was $39.  This is the lowest utility bills I have EVER had since 1998 and it is just awesome!!!!

I ordered a new supply of Naltrexone (LDN).  I still have about a six week supply, but I don't want to take a chance of running out and having to wait six weeks to get a new batch.  LDN has cleared up another issue which I didn't realize until I used regular fingernail clippers to cut my toe nails.  Usually I have  to use these little pliers due to the thickness of the nails.  I've been plagued by tonail fungus for so many years and nothing has ever helped.   I can actually wear sandals now.  It's amazing what the immune system can do when it works properly.
I now have a pretty impressive list of things that LDN has taken care of.....

Pre-cancerous skin has not returned.
No more migraines.
No colds.
No pain from bones spurs in elbows.
No more boils.
Toenails clear, thinning and almost back to normal.
No more bladder control issues.
Great sleep.
Great energy and feeling of well being.

Live is good! :)

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. 
I hope you get spoiled tomorrow!!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Every year around this time I bitch and moan about the helicopters coming down from my maple tree in the back yard.  They are everywhere and this was only this morning.  I've been sweeping them up every day.   It's supposed to rain this weekend, so they've got to go before the rain hits them.  Those rat bastards will grow on anything. 

Once the tree stops pooping her seeds everywhere, I'm a happy camper.  She does give some awesome shade in the summer time. :)

I cooked a vegetable stew this morning and put the scraps in my blender with some water.  Then I gave it to the few plants that I've got growing already.  I hate to use fresh water to put outside so I save all my wash water in a bucket for the plants.  Everything is starting to sprout.  Maybe next week I'll start putting stuff in the ground.

I was going to use my capsule machine to make some vitamin C, but ended up filling the capsules by hand instead.  The powder is not fine enough, plus it is kind of sticky so the machine would not work.  Tomorrow I'll do some Turmeric, I know the machine will work for that. :)

LOL...this is how my crazy pussy keeps her feet warm.  Sometimes I walk into the room and the other monitor will have all kind of crazy stuff going on due to her feet being on the keyboard.  She broke the Chrome browser a couple of days ago, so I'll have to re-install it.  It's Firefox for now.

I haven't decided on what to do about the concrete floor yet.  I know it will be awfully cold in the winter without carpet, but carpet sure is expensive!  I did stop by a place called the Weekend Carpet Warehouse and they had a couple of big rolls of carpet on sale called "my mistake".  This is carpet that was installed  and then pulled back up because it was the wrong color.   I guess I could get two different colors and make some kind of design out of it?  I need about 280 sq ft.

While I'm making up my mind about what to put on the floor, I'm going to put rollers on the bookcaseonitsside aka  my desk and anything else I can put rollers on.  The stuff is just too heavy to keep on moving around.  I'm usually by myself when I get these hairbrained ideas about my furniture so I figure I'll make it a bit easier on myself.

This is what I'm seeing out of my window at my desk at work.  Isn't it beautiful?


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