Sunday 11.13.2011

So at 10 AM this morning, I finished washing and drying clothes and I got myself ready for work.  Since it's going to be kind of warm out today, I put my clogs on.  I kept on thinking that my right toes felt funny and checked my sock to see if there was something in it, but there wasn't.

I went about my business and got to work at noon.  My right foot was still feeling funny and I checked my sock again, but there was nothing.  I was beginning to think there was something wrong with the feeling in my toes.

Finally about 30 minutes ago I again took the clog off.  This time I stuck my hand inside the clog and this is what I felt...

So....which one of these pranksters is responsible for this?


  1. that'll learn ya to question yourself several times before checking for a cat toy!!! i have oftentimes been asleep, and just a little awake, wondering if i am dreaming, OR if something really is biting my foot - and i have learned in those instances not to question myself but to pull my foot out of harms way very quickly!

    i hope that you have learned your lesson madame!

    your friend,

    (teehee- my word verification is "uncussed". i am sure it doesn't mean that the cats were uncussed. i am sure that you cussed them a lot!)

  2. Hahameow! I often find myself sleeping with a little green Christmas stocking...Coco's favorite 'toy...

    At least they are indoor only cats, I can remember my mom, who's cats go outside, finding possum babies in her slippers...

  3. nothing surprises me when it comes to these two critters and yes I have learned my lesson...check the shoes!! Yep, I cussed them both a lot!

    Teri....I'm so glad that I don't have to check for live or dead things in my shoes.


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