favorite day 10.10.2011

^^^^^That's looking out of my this morning.  Beautiful isn't it?  Love Mondays :)  It's kind of like a mini weekend for me since I get off at around 5 PM on Sundays, so I have kind of a long night.  Then on Mondays I usually don't have any other work besides at Millers, so I'm free until ten minutes to three.

I spent most of yesterday adding pages with information on LDN to this blog.  You can see see them on the right.  I had forgotten that we can do that.  I can add 20 pages if I want to.  Most of the documents on those pages were sent to me by Diana, a friend from "Got Endorphins? LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone)" on Facebook.  Thanks, Diana :)  By the way, that Facebook page is now 582 members strong.  It's a very active group with members from all over the world  with lots of information and everyone is always there to help.

I ordered some emu oil last week which finally came in a couple of days ago.  This morning I crushed up a 50 mg tablet of Naltrexone in it.  I plan on rubbing a drop of it on Silly's ears as a preventative each day.  I know it has helped so many people with their sick pets.  I'm taking it as a preventative and I think that she should also have that benefit.

A friend of mine is bringing me some deer meat, love, love deer.  It will be great to get some free, clean meat. :)

Right now I'm waiting on an assignment in Washington, VA.  I've always wanted to stop by there, but never got around to it.  Got my fingers crossed that I get it.  Oh, well, maybe I'll get that email sometime tonight while I'm sleeping.  LDN is kicking in, so it's time to hit the sack. :)  Can't stay awake any longer.


  1. it is beautiful and i am glad that you some time off for yourself!

    the LDN links on the side are great and i will definitely go back through all of them.

    can i ask a dumb question? why are you mixing the naltrexone in the emu oil?

    lastly - yummy - deer meat - we love it! also moose too. jambaloney isn't making it for hunting season this year - just too much else to do around the "manor". but he will get out next year for sure. plus we have friends who will get us some!

    anyway - email soon!

    your friend,

  2. Kymber...yes it is beautiful, but I'll gladly trade my view for yours :)

    I'm going to keep on adding to the LDN links on the side. I figure it makes it easy for finding information since it's all in one place.

    LOL...answered your questions in today post. mouth was all ready for Deer, but my friend didn't come through on his promise. :(


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