How to live in 262 sq ft without closets 10.13.2011

LOL.....I was lusting after Kymber's new red double kitchen sink yesterday when she mentioned that my room is already pretty full.  This is true, but there is no clutter, everything is put away....and I'm sure I could fit a red double sink in there somewhere, don't you think?

My tiny little office.

On the left there is my vertical coffee/tea nook.  On the right is the fridge sitting on the nightstand with the small Berkey water filter on top.

My pretend clothes closet

On the left is what originally was a computer amoire.  Now it houses office stuff, vitamins, herbs, etc.  Bookshelf in the center is full of herbs and books in the bottom.  Shelf unit on the right has more herbs and books.

To the right is the file cabinet, which now only has one drawer for actual files....then there is the sock drawer, underwear drawer, misc. drawer.

Boy, what I could do with just one wall closet the length of this room.  :)


  1. you did alot with that small space and i am impressed! and here i am always whining about our tiny cottage!

    question: do you use the rest of the house like the kitchen and/or living room? does Silly?

    your friend,

  2. Kymber...yes I do. I use the kitchen and of course the bathroom. No living room though. My room used to be the living room. Silly and Patches room the entire house when the doors are open.

  3. i get it! and that's why your room is so big! good on ya girl - especially having access to the sliding glass doors!

    your friend, thanks for always answering my questions!



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