Wow, it's almost Christmas 9.27.2011

Can you believe it?  We're approaching October. Time is flying, isn't it?  If I celebrated Christmas, I'd want to one gift, to find a place to live, just like this at
Framboise Manor .  Well...someday. :)  Dear Kymber was lucky enough to find it for a steal and it is awesome!!!  I hope that I will have that kind of luck when I'm ready.  Check out her and her hubby's blog and catch up on all the stuff that's going on there....LOL....besides them being able to go swimming buck naked.

Nothing much going on here.  I finished the last of my reports and uploaded the last photos a couple of hours ago.  Installed the new smoke/fire alarm.  Filled up the Berkeys.  One more pot of coffee.  Now I'm going to wash a load of clothes, eat lunch and then it's time to go to work.

T-Jay upped his dose of LDN to 3 ml.  I'm hoping that everything goes well and he will get some more relief.  This morning the pain is in his left pain territory.

While I'm on here, I'm going to see about getting a list of compounding pharmacies in my area that have had doctors prescribe LDN.  I really want to find a local doctor that accepts insurance and prescribes it.  Then I could quit having to order from overseas.

Now, for today's little funny. Here's a photo that my friend Kathy sent me last night.

By the way, Kathy has RA.  Here is her LDN story:

    • By Kathy Boeger, her good news!! 

      Wednesday Morning Aug 17th 2011... my first Dr. appt with the rheumy that bravely prescribed LDN for me. 

      He was AMAZED at the difference in me. In checking me over he could find no knuckle, bone degeneration..... and did not see any inflammation that related to RA. Of course I am retaining fluids today (ugh, wanted to be at my best for him!) but he could see beyond that. He is extremely pleased, stating the... receptor that are in common and this seems to be my choice of drug, and it works! 

      I told him all I had been doing (little did I know his nurse had seen me in public and had told him how well I was moving) and he said "No WAY you'd be able to do all of that with ACTIVE RA!!!! 

      I'm good to go and said he would see me in ONE YEAR! 

      I can hardly believe it. I did tell him if I run into trouble I will be knocking at his door. 

      He said I may be one of the few lucky ones to have had my RA considered "burn out". Hopefully! He said generally by the time he has seen burn out happen there has been so much damage done that people can no longer be productive! 

      Now I don't have false hopes that I won't have a flare and I told him that.... his response was "well, maybe not!" so I think he is very hopeful and definitely impressed!!!!!


  1. So would you swim buck naked if you could too? :D

  2. Tango - thanks so much for the plug - that was real sweet!

    but enough about xmas - ack - i am still praying that october will be like september and hopefully i can harvest more than a bean, a pea and a radish each day. the tomatoes look like they are starting to colour - cross your fingers for us eh?

    as for your Christmas wish - you are always welcome to come and stay with us! we would love to have you visit and show you around this crappy little cottage. but the landscape and privacy is to die for. so are the locals - they're all crazy, love their privacy and love a good kitchen party! if you can't make it for Xmas - start planning for a trip this summer. i promise we'll put clothes on!

    anyway - glad to hear that TJ is upping his dose and loved the little funny! also very happy to read Kathy's story.

    there's an email coming in about 5 mins. so nice to be back in touch!

    your friend

  3. are very welcome my friend!!

    Crossing my fingers for a giant crop. Will you have enough for the winter? Knowing you, you are plenty stocked up.

    Love to come visit you two in the summer. I guess I don't have an excuse to get my passport straightened out now, do I? That's going to be a mess, I'm sure.

    Looking forward to your email :)


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