Title? Can't think of one 9.28.2011

I took this photo looking outside at work last night.

 I thought for sure it was going to storm, but it didn't.  I think it was around 4 this morning when I woke up from a thunderstorm.  Didn't help that I slept with the door open last night.

LOL...then this morning I found this on InsideNova ...   Manassas woman wakes up to stranger in her bedroom   I swear it wasn't me!!

I was going to title it "My Pussy is featured on Wordless Wednesday"  ...but then I thought of Donna who's blog Just Me , I've been following for a while.  The title would have shown up in her blogroll and I was afraid that she and her hubby Cliff would have jumped on that awesome Gold Wing and drove over here to slap me around a bit.  Just kidding Donna....I always think of you before I come up with a title. :)

Got my a from Swansons yesterday.  Of course my crazy pussy had to fit her tiny butt in there.  By the way, Silly's famous today.  Look to the sidebar Curlz and Swirlz, Life with Cornish Rex cats...  Thanks Teri :)

I'm always looking for treats for my pussy that are not pure carbs.  Everything I have found so far, she sticks her picky nose up in the air and walks off.  So I ordered these Liv-a-Littles from Swansons.  To my surprise she loves them.  Finally something she likes. :)

Good news...as of this morning, nothing else has broken down around here.


  1. soo glad to hear that nothing else is broken down - whew! and congratulations on Silly becoming famous - get that cat to work in some commercials and paying her own way - bahahah!

    my 2 lazy, napping, eating, napping, lazy cats like to be carried around in "taxis". they let me know when they want me to pick them up and carry them around the house in a cat taxi - me! anyway they look a certain direction and i turn to that direction, over here, over there, all throughout the house. and they always want their taxi when i am right in the middle of doing dishes or making supper - but no - drop everything and become a taxi. little noodle only weighs about 7lbs so that is not too bad. but barley mow weighs about 75 pounds - i kid you not! i can barely lift him. we think he might be a bear cub - we're not sure!

    anyway - on to cat food...we got barley mow from neighbours who were moving to poland. he was about 3 at the time - he's 8 now. noodle is a stray and we think he is about 10 now. anyway - it seems that they were both always fed regular cat food. and we continued with regular cat food, both wet and dry, for a while and then i got all organic and healthy and tried to start feeding them slightly cooked chicken bits, beef, etc. and tuna canned in oil, etc.

    they won't eat any of the healthier stuff that i have tried to feed them at all. they are not interested.

    any ideas? have you ever made home-made cat food for Silly?

    your friend,

    p.s. - email on the way. thanks for tipping me off to Dr. Boyle!

  2. kymber...yep, I can't afford another hit in the pocket book if something else around here breaks down. Sucks that things wear out.

    I'll talk to Silly about doing some commercials after she get up from her nap which will probably be tonight when I get home from work. :)

    Wow...Little Noodle?? Shouldn't you change that to Big Noodle??? LOL...does sound like a bear cub. I can see you now logging that big noodle around. Cat taxi...ha, ha

    The organic wet food she liked right away. She will eat meat, but lately I've been using a ton of seasoning and she doesn't like that. The dry food, I mixed the non grain dry food with the regular dry food at first. Then I added less and less of the regular junk. Now she is strickly on the none grain food. Just have to outslick them....or try to. No I haven't made home made food for her. Maybe I'll try that next.

    Your welcome on Dr Boyle....another reason to take LDN. :)

  3. I appreciate the fact that you thought of me and my sensibilities, so I will share an important bit of information with you: my pussy is in the barn catching mice, which means my pussy is more industrious than yours.

  4. Donna....lol. Ain't that the truth!! My pussy only keeps bugs, crickets and flies out of my house.

  5. jeesh guys - my two lazy cats don't eat bugs, lay in the yard and birds land on their heads and little tiny red squirrels chase them around all the time - i am doing something wrong here!!!

  6. Kymber...lol, maybe you should send your pussies to Donna's house for training.


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