Stuff NOT growing...9.12.11

It's been months since I've been on here and it's hard to get started writing much has happened since then.  I guess I should take my own advise and just post one thing at a time?

I tried to grow my little garden, but we had so little rain.  Even though I watered the plants in the beginning, they didn't seem to like my county water.  No wonder, I can smell the chlorine when I walk past the sink.  I don't drink it or cook with it.  At that time I didn't have the extra funds to buy a rain barrel, but I'm hoping to get one for next year.

Talking about water, my BerkeyLight water filter crapped out on me a couple of days ago.  The top tank was full, but the water wouldn't filter through.  This morning I took it apart and contacted Jeff whom I had bought it from.  The two black filters had come apart.

Jeff told me to contact Berkey, that the filters are under warranty.  I emailed the company and receive a reply a few minutes later saying that they would replace the filters free of charge.  Awesome customer service!  I'm glad that I have my smaller Berkey
for backup.

Today's funny is a sign that's now hanging in the dining room at work:

It seems to be helping since not many dishes are left in the sink lately. :)

Time to throw some food in my stomach.  Spinach, Miracle Noodles, Spices and Shrimp...yummy :)


  1. Good to see you back...Funny sign...How's Silly? Had the funds to take her to the vet yet? She is 3 now and the fact she maybe hasn't seen a vet since you got her does concern me, as you know. Call me and we can talk about some options, ok.

  2. Silly is silly as ever. She and Patches chase each other around and she smacks him on his head.
    Apparently blog comments are not searchable...can you give me the name of the doctor near me again?

  3. Scheisse! I'm old...not sure this is the same info I gave you last time, but I think so...Caring Hands Animal Hospital.

    I interviewed there years ago and liked them and a number of our clients use them for boarding and care when we aren't available.

    Have her 'Annual physical and a heartworm antibody test. If you can afford it, have her rabies vaccination, too. I can give her the FVRCP (distemper and cold virus vaccination) and I have heartworm preventative I will give to you, but didn't want you to start it until she had a test as she had some exposure out in the country and you should know her status before starting it.

    They will probably try to talk you into doing more bloodwork (cbc/chemistry) but you can always do that later, like if she needed dental care or anesthesia for some other reason. Just politely decline for now, but ask them if they have a brochure about tests (we do) and that will at least let them know you want to learn more...

    I miss you, and miss the summer party, so lets make an excuse to get together (Silly) and have dinner, ok?!

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  5. Yes, that's it. I will call them tomorrow.
    Scheisse, we don't need an excuse to get together. I just need time! :(

  6. Nice to see you back. My garden was a total failure this year; I finally told Cliff, "Just mow it."

  7. Donna, I'm so sorry! I know that you depend on your garden. Will you plant anything this fall?

  8. Teri...I have an appointment at Caring Hands on Monday at 8:30. I chose the one in Bristow since I hate to go out in the other direction traffic wise. Hopefully she will like riding in the xD better than she did the xB. :)


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