Rat Bastards!!!! Part 3....9.16.2011

When I got home last night my package from Amazon with the plug in motion sensor flood light had come in.  I had forgotten that Amazon always gives itself a couple of extra days when they guesstymate time of delivery. :)

After I tore apart the house looking for a tiny flat-head screwdriver small enough to adjust the settings, I took the light outside to see if I could screw it to the dead tree stump out front.   Of course that didn't work, since the stump isn't big enough, so I found three zip ties, put them together, and attached the light to the stump.  Funneled the cord through the screen window and she was all set to go.

See that blue thing on the top of the stump?  That's the tiny screwdriver to adjust the settings later?  No way am I tearing apart the house to look for it again!!  I will see how bright it is tonight.  If it's not enough, I got another light that I can rig up.

I cut most of the low hanging branches the other day, but I might have to cut further up.  Depends on if they interfere with the motion sensor.

Oh look...after all that rain, the squash is trying to do something.

I wonder if there is enough time before the frost kicks in for them to produce anything.

I was going to wait until Sunday night to give my pussy a bath and trim her toenails, but last night while she was waiting on me giving her some raw coffee grinds to snack on, she got impatient and started to climb up on the back of my nightgown.  Her claws get sharp and pointed like needles.  She ended up getting one of her claws stuck right in my ass cheek.  Poor thing, she was just hanging there.  LOL....I thought I was going to have to ask one of my room mates to help me get my pussy unstuck.   Needless to say, I cut her nails this morning.

It was 43 degrees when I got up this morning.  Woohoo!  I am such a happy woman.  Slept like a log with the window wide open.  I do hope summer is finally over with.  It would be full of awesomeness to get a light weight electric bill!!


  1. a thousand words are worth one picture....you made me laff and then rub my ass in sympathy!

  2. Teri, crap, you just made me accidently swallow my gum.

    Can you see me going upstairs with poor Silly swinging behind me?

  3. LOL...I always think about you when I write that since you are the one that taught me those two words. :)

  4. Ha ha, nice to see you back and using your favourite expression too!

  5. Ok I was in sympathy with you with the cat clawing your backside but the imagine of Silly swinging behind you up the stairs was too much...ha. Hope you have a great weekend, Sheila

  6. Joe....nice to BE back. I see you're blogging about Beyonce's ass....lololol.

    Sheila....lol, I should have had photos.
    You have a nice weekend too.:)


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