Fix It Monday 9.26.2011

....and I thought this place was finished with stuff breaking down, but noooo!
So the shower hose upstairs looked like it was pregnant.  I removed it and tried to ream a straightened coat hanger through it, but that didn't work.  I ended up going to Lowe's to get another hose.

Meanwhile I soaked the shower head in vinegar and water.  No that's not stuff coming out of it to make the liquid brown.  It's Bragg's vinegar which is the only thing I had on hand.  Sure hated to use it for this.

Woohoo....success!  There is still a little leak even though I used plumber's tape, but it's very small.  At least the water is coming out freely.

The fire/smoke alarm went out up stairs last week.  So I had to replace that too.

While all this was going on, I defrosted a couple of cornish hens over night.  Put them in a pot with a ton of seasoning and de-boned them.  I weight the meat in 100 gram batches and ended up with eight meals.

I put the chicken stock in ice trays.  This way I don't have to defrost the whole batch and can just use a few cubes at a time.

I have some good news.  T-Jay started on LDN at 1.5 ml on September 13th.  He is now up to 2 ml a day.  It has been a really rough two weeks with much pain. Saturday morning he woke up for the first time without pain since he came back from Atlanta in December of last year.  It only lasted a few hours, but it's a good start especially since he is on such a low dose right now.  It was amazing to see the change in his face and his body for those few hours.  He will be off of work tomorrow, so he will up the dose to 3 ml to see how he does.  If he can end up being able to tolerate 4.5 ml, I can switch him to capsules, which I already have on hand.  I really do hope that LDN will work for him....nothing else has!


  1. hey gurl - i sent you an email!

    anyway - jeesh eh? ya fix one thing and the next thing goes! glad that you have Bragg's vinegar on hand - it has the mother in it. it is a natural antibiotic and i throw a shot of it into everything i cook! but ya - what a waste of a good mother!

    and glad that the water is coming out freely even if there is a little leak. keep on applying the plumber's tape - you'll eventually cover the leak!

    yummmy - i likes me a good cornish hen. and i always have chicken stock on hand. but my real fave is beef stock - or better yet - beef liver and kidney stock! i can drink that stuff like tea!

    and i am sooooo super glad that TJ is reacting to the LDN so well. we have some ordered but not sure how long until it gets here. i can't wait to try it and let you know how it works for us!

    keep on keepin' on my friend! so glad to be back in touch!

  2. your email and replied.

    I love Bragg's vinegar two. Love to drink it with water and honey. :)

    I think the hose needs another washer. The tape won't do it.

    ...talking about beef stock...are you planning on getting goats, cows etc?

    Yes...I'm super excited about T-Jay and the LDN. Time just can't pass fast enough for me. I want him well!

    Where did you order yours from? I just got my order from RiverPharmacy in Canada. Did you order to 50 mg Naltrexone so you will have to make up your own LDN?

    Glad to have you back, Kymber. :)

  3. I hope T-Jay gets the pain relief he needs. I know you'll get that leak figured out and stopped. Have a good week, Sheila


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