What's that white stuff?

That was last week.  Most of it is gone, but it's been so cold that there are still spots of snow and ice here and there.

One of two lonely stink bugs from my old home.  They've been here since October...wonder what they are living on.  I keep them around to entertain my pussy. :)
When she sees it on the ceiling, she jumps on my shoulder.  It's taking her a while to understand that the ceilings here are higher than they were at the trailer, but she still tries to reach the bugger.

Nothing much going on around here lately.  It's winter and everything has slowed down.  Buckland Farm Market is closed until sometime in February.  I did manage to stock up on a few things before they shut down.  Now I'm down to Harris Teeter and Wegman's for groceries.

Last night after work, T-Jay and I stopped by Kenny and Cyndi's to visit.  It was great seeing everyone once again.  Hugs to you two for having us.  Nice to see Aaron, Teya, Leah and Scott.  I tried some apple moonshine and it was awesome.  Kenny and Cyndi sent me home with some deer meat.  I defrosted a roast over night and will season it up when I get home.   Should make some awesome brown gravy.

T-Jay's health insurance kicked in yesterday and he has an appointment with a doctor tomorrow morning.  Great!  Let the testing begin!

I haven't had any car chases in two weeks.....hmmm...wonder if people are paying their car notes or if the company found someone cheaper than me to do them.  I did have a bunch of home inspections for Wachovia and Wells Fargo in the last weeks.   Two more are coming up this week.  I just hope the weather stays as it is and we don't get any major snow so that I can complete them.  Everyone of these kind of inspections require a sketch of the property.  I'm getting better at hand drawing them, but I need to teach myself one of the free sketching programs that are available.  Sure would help if I knew someone that uses them to help me get the hang of it. :(

Spring is right around the corner.  I can't wait.  There is a Lilac bush in my front yard that's close to the windows.  I bought it online about 4 years ago and it was about 4 inches tall.  I really didn't think it was going to make it, but it's been growing very well, it's over 10 feet tall now.  I'm going to have to dig it up and move it away from the house this year.  Then I'm planning to use any and all free space in the front and in the back yard to grow stuff that can be eaten.  Mmmmhhh...wonder how the HOA would feel about me digging up my front yard to grow vegetables?  I'll have to find the rule book and see what it says about that.

I'm going to have to research low light growing veggies since the back yard doesn't really get much sun. 

Wonder if I will have to declare war on the Squirells?

...or on Patches the cat.   LOL...his new thing is stealing ear plugs.


  1. I have enjoyed the snow we have gotten so far...but that is coming from someone who grew up way down south and didn't get much. Our biggest amount came while I was home in Alabama for Christmas...oh well, hopefully there will be more...Hope T-Jay is feeling better soon. Take care, Sheila

  2. LOL....you can have all that we get!
    I enjoy it the first day. After that it turns into a real mess.
    T-Jay seems to be having a good day today...so far. Thanks for asking. :)

  3. oh my god, i LOVE your kitteh!

    so pretty:)

    in regards to my new blog, if you have a wordpress username just email it to me and i can add you.

    then all you have to do is go to www.findingprincessandy.com and log in and BLAMMO! you're on my site.

    really, it's just to keep certain people from getting into my circle. more the people i KNOW irl rather than you all.



  4. Andrea...just registered. I would have totally missed your rantings of awesomenessessess. :)

    ...glad you like my pussy. She's passed out after chasing Patches all over the house.

  5. If those townhouses (or whatever) are where you live, that looks SO much like where my friend Joanna lives, in Centreville.

  6. Donna...yes it's a townhouse and there are plenty of them between here and Centreville.


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