It’s Finally Over

As promised, Kenny and Jason came by the trailer this morning and helped me get some of the bigger stuff to the townhouse.  Thanks, Guys :)  I appreciate it very much!!

Then I came back one more time to pick up my poor pussy.  Poor thing.  She didn’t know what was going on with me emptying the place, coming and going.  She jumped right into her carrier, but carried one something awful all the way to Manassas.  This is the first time I appreciate red lights……long red lights.  That’s about the only time she shut up.  She’s passed out on the couch now.  No napping all day due to her checking out her new friend, Patches.  She kept him at arms length at all times with a few slaps in the face.

I had a few more boxes to unpack…..


and then it was on to finding a place for rest of my things.  It took all afternoon since I don’t have any dressers.  My socks and underwear are now in the file cabinet. :)

I’ll probably do some more re-arranging, but this is okay for now. 

CIMG7915Here is the new work area.  I’m pretty happy with my Verizon internet, but not at all happy with the phone reception.  Weird!!


I have a curtain that I will put across my make-believe closet…..that is, as soon as I find it. :)


Ha, that’s actually a computer cabinet under the TV.  There just isn’t any room for the computer in it.


LOL….so much for hiding stuff under the bed.




Next week I will go back to the trailer to vacuum and wipe down everything.  It won’t take long since I followed one of the tips from Juli at Wild Moon Cottage.  I wiped everything down as I packed it up.

I’m going to straighten things up a bit more, then shower and off to sleep.  I’m beat!!  Tomorrow I’ll tackle the back yard. 


  1. Hope everything goes well and you get settled in soon. Keep looking for the 'bright side'. :)
    Take care, Sheila

  2. Thanks, Sheila. One of the bright sides is that I have terrific room mates. :)

  3. Hmmm, your house looks mysteriously like my own house. Only I didn't just move in. *sigh*

  4. LOL Donna. I'm going to re-organize the shed in the back yard to make room for some of my kitchen stuff. There isn't any more room in the kitchen here. It's just a matter of time before the clutter will drive me nuts.

  5. I hope you and your kitty will be happy in your new home. :)


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