Gloomy Wednesday with Thunder Storms

It’s thundering outside and raining like there’s no tomorrow.  I managed to get my chases done this morning before the rain started up again.  Got home just in time :)  It’s just plain nasty out there.  Right now we have a tornado watch until 8 PM.


It looks down right depressing out there.

Last week I finished unpacking/repacking, and moving stuff around.  I emptied out the shed that’s in the back yard, took out empty boxes and made a whole lot of room in there.  Then I boxed up my kitchen stuff and put it on the shelves out there. 


This was before…


….and this was after.

I got so much stuff out of my room that I can finally find things.  LOL….no more stuff under the bed.  Much better!!

I noticed that I can’t seem to be able to keep air in two of my tires.  I’m wondering if it has to do with the damaged rims that are holding them.  I might have to see if I can get a cheap set to replace them.  I’m putting more air in every couple of days and it’s getting on my last nerve. Yesterday one of the tires only had 9.8 pounds in it.

Time to get a few more things done, then it’s off to Millers’


  1. Hope I didn't cause it with talk of buying new tires....ha. I know you feel better having things squared away...we have too much stuff in this little apartment we have and that is what's getting on my last nerve. Can't wait until we can get into a house. take care, Sheila

  2. Sounds like your tires aren't seated on the wheels, Sis. Bent rims = leaky tires.

    Look at the poor Evil Twin, getting a bath before Saturday night...

  3. Sheila....Ha, I don't think so. I've been having this problem for a while, but it's getting worse.
    LOL...there are five of us living together. Four of us are women and we all came with our own sets of kitchen stuff. Once I got my kitchen items put away it was okay. :)

  4. DTRAIN619....yep, my baby needs new shoes.
    Can I borrow your garage??? :)
    Thanks for stopping by, little brother.

  5. No room in the garage ATM. Amanda moved back home, and brought more than she left with! Plus Susie's Mazda5, my box, tools, and a bunch of totes...

    Barely enough room to pass gas in there!!

  6. DTRAIN619....That sucks!!! No room even for your baby?

  7. Just barely! You know my box is NEVER parked outside!

  8. I went out in the backyard quite often for a smoke when I visited your mom! Loved it very much: police sirens wailing and Cardinals singing at the same time ... :-)
    Will you ever come to Germany? We just bought a small farmhouse house and will move to the country netxt spring. I'm looking forward to my first homegrown bio-crops. ;-) And I want to keep chickens!


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