10-10-10….NON-GMO Month

For those of you that have been reading my blog, you know that I went GMO free early this year.  During this time I have become completely boil free, even the scars of years of boils have faded.  I suffered from boils over 10 years.  Other good things have happened.  My finger nails were like  paper, completely useless.  Now they are normal again and I can actually use them.  For years I woke up to a stuffed up nose and used spray every night to be able to sleep.  I’ve thrown away the spray, I don’t need it any more.  I have more energy.  I sleep well. My blood pressure is normal after years of doctors threatening to put me on meds for it. The food that I do eat satisfies me more and I don’t eat as much as I used to.  I used to wake up sore every morning especially my shoulders and elbows….sometimes my knees.  That’s gone too.
Now no one can tell me that the food that we eat does not directly effect our health and well being!  How many people do you know that are on prescriptions for things that can be fixed just by changing what you eat?  I know plenty and these are young people.  These days doctors do not even try to find the source of sickness….they just give you a pill for the symptoms.
I can’t tell you how pissed off I am that GMO containing foods do not have to be labeled in this country.  I will sign any petition out there that’s about labeling GMO containing foods and for banning GMO’s from our food supply all together.
If you have the time and are just a little curious about GMOs, watch some of the videos below.

Follow the editors at Rodale.com as they try going GMO-free for the entire month!
Go to NON GMO Project to find out more about GMOs and find out how to avoid them.


  1. Thanks for the education. I don't think we could afford to go GMO free, but I will be reading all I can about it. Thanks to you, I know where to go for information.

  2. Donna...I know what you mean. I had to slowly start replacing things one by one...baby steps.


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