Woke up to flash flood warnings this morning….

…..if the rains keep up, I’m wondering if I’ll be able to get the Evil Twin out this afternoon.  I had a car load of groceries for the weekend last night and meant to move the Evil Twin to gravel or asphalt, got involved in uploading reports for inspections I did yesterday and totally forgot about it.

It doesn’t look too bad yet….


….but no telling how bad it will be in four hours.

Since it’s getting a bit chilly around here, I decided to move the rugs and uncover the registers (is that what they are called?) for the furnace.  It looked pretty disgusting, so I removed the covers to get the stuff out that had fallen in.


Pretty nasty before!


Much better :)

The bedroom register was the worse.


LOL…..much fuzzy stuff in there.

I had a loan chase scheduled for today, but I’m going to put it off until tomorrow because of the rain.  The roads in the rural areas get pretty bad when there is flooding and I don’t want anything to happen to the Evil Twin.

I had a craving for meat today, which doesn’t happen too often, so I’m going to cook up some ribs and cabbage. 




  1. Looks yummy...how did you get into the inspection business and what type of things do you have to do? I was wondering if it would be something I could do part time here where I live...it's none of my business and I understand if you wish to not answer. Take care, Sheila
    PS. my email if needed...jarico1@msn.com

  2. Not at all, Sheila.
    When lenders have customers that have stopped paying on their loans have stopped answering their phones, they contact me. I then go to their homes or work and see if they are still there. When I contact the customer I give them a letter from the lender and try to get them to call them. I take photos of their property and talk to neighbors to get information on them. I call these "chases" when I have been asked to look for motorcycles, construction equipment, cars, boats, even pianos, mortgages, etc.
    I also do commercial inspections where the lender wants to know if the business is okay or stressed, if it needs repairs, etc.
    Third, I also do equipment lease inspections where I go and take photos of equipment before the lease is approved.
    All this is done via email. I have the choice of what I want to accept and I give them the zip codes to the areas that I'm willing to work in.
    This type of work can be part time or full time. It all depends on you.
    If you are interested, I'll be glad to send you the info that I used to get started.


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