Why can’t things stay the same?

When I moved in my tiny home a little over two years ago, the deal was that my son T-Jay would stay at my townhouse with his friends to take care of the place.  I wanted one of us to stay there.  T-Jay agreed and this enabled me to sell my other car and then buy this travel trailer to live in fulltime.

Kenny and Cyndi, whom I would never have met if I hadn’t gotten involved in the Scion community, then agreed to let me park my trailer on their land.

So here I have been for 25 months.  Me and the crickets, the darkness, the quietness, the peacefulness….I’m sure going to miss it. :)

Some months ago T-Jay had mentioned moving to Atlanta, GA to be with his partner in music, PA.  PA went ahead and moved months ago to pursue his music career.  The time is getting closer and T-Jay will be moving on October 18th to join him.

Now is the time for the next phase,  with sadness, I will be moving back to the townhouse.  Did I mention that I was going to miss being here?  I keep on telling myself that there is a bright side….like living .06 miles from Millers, the Evil Twin will stay clean, I probably won’t be snowed in, but as of right now looking at the bright side is not working.

At this time a family, mother, daughter, son and girlfriend are living at the townhouse.  They will remain living there and I will occupy the living room down stairs which I had closed off years ago.  The space is about the same as I have now, but I will be sharing a bathroom and the kitchen.  It’s going to be strange to live that close to other people again.  I have gotten to know this family over the years and we get along well.  They are good people and keep the townhouse clean which will make this much easier.

I’m going to sell my trailer when I move.  Kenny’s parents are interested in it, so that will be one thing that I won’t have to stress over.

I’m glad that it won’t take me more than about 4 hours to pack everything up and move.

I’m sure going to miss it here :(


  1. Awww. Kinda is sad. But now you know you can do it--living small--and you can always do it again if the time is right.

  2. Oh boy Tango, I know how much you've loved living here, and I can understand why you'll miss the place so much.

    Hopefully eventually the bright side will seem even better than it does now.

  3. Teri...this is true, but next time I'll go smaller. Also, I'll still be living small since I won't be living at the townhouse alone.

    Joe...I hope so.

  4. Is kind of sad, son moving and having to move from your trailer. Hope it doesn't take long for the bright side to kick in.. :) You can use the time to make plans for the next downsize...take care, Sheila

  5. Sheila....yep, let the bright side kick in!!! LOL, Luckily I won't have the space to up size :)

  6. Hey Sis, if the evil twin doesn't feel like going to work, you can always walk. Of course I'm not too sure if that is a bright side item.

  7. Toni...that would only be a bright side if we get snowed in again. :)


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