Before and After…

This is me the last two weeks…..

This is me yesterday…

squirell ……after 9 hours of blissful sleep last night.

Thanks to Henry’s Towing for breaking into the Tundra and moving it to Miller Toyota….and then giving me a discount. :) I never thought that I would use Henry’s Towing and thank you in the same sentence.

Thanks to Miller Toyota Scion… JD, Alex, and Danny….for programming new keys and repairing the tailgate.

Thanks to Glenn of ColorsOnParade for fixing the bumper and getting rid of all the scratches. Awesome job, Glenn!!

Thanks to Reeses of Sill’s Car Wash for detailing the hell out of it and getting the girl to look like she’s brand new.

Thanks to Wes at Miller Toyota Used Cars for buying the truck yesterday and giving me a great deal.

Thanks to my crew at Miller Toyota Scion for all the advise and suggestions. :)

Thanks to my son T-Jay for getting me back and forth in the Evil Twin to get this over with.

Thanks to my Mom for moral support!

What a relief!! :)


  1. Plop, plop...Fizz, fizz...Oh what a relief it is!

    Great way to start September!

    Hey, I got some 'chrome' wheel skins for my Prius...If I don't put them on before the Scion Event, maybe we could do it then? I also need to have bring it in for scheduled maintenance and they could probably do it then...

  2. Teri...yes it is a great way to start September :)
    Wheel Skins..had never heard of them before you brought it up. That should look pretty awesome. Yes, I'm sure the guys at Miller can put them on for you. Whom do you usually deal with?

  3. LOL, the video and picture is too cute...ha. So glad everything went well. Hope you are not getting any lip from the Ex. Have a great Labor Day weekend, Sheila

  4. Sheila...thanks :)
    No lip yet, but he's locked up at least until September 28th. After that, I'm not sure. It depends on if he is drinking, at which time he gets crazy and violent. I'll be watching my back, that's for sure.

  5. Hey Sis, glad you are finally getting free. Hope he doesn't give you any crap in the process.

  6. Toni...Hi Sis :) That's what I'm thinking. I won't worry about it until his court date on the 28th.
    Happy holiday to you and Les. :)


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