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Woke up to flash flood warnings this morning….

…..if the rains keep up, I’m wondering if I’ll be able to get the Evil Twin out this afternoon.  I had a car load of groceries for the weekend last night and meant to move the Evil Twin to gravel or asphalt, got involved in uploading reports for inspections I did yesterday and totally forgot about it.

It doesn’t look too bad yet….


….but no telling how bad it will be in four hours.

Since it’s getting a bit chilly around here, I decided to move the rugs and uncover the registers (is that what they are called?) for the furnace.  It looked pretty disgusting, so I removed the covers to get the stuff out that had fallen in.


Pretty nasty before!


Much better :)

The bedroom register was the worse.


LOL…..much fuzzy stuff in there.

I had a loan chase scheduled for today, but I’m going to put it off until tomorrow because of the rain.  The roads in the rural areas get pretty bad when there is flooding and I don’t want anything to happen to the Evil Twin.

I had a craving for meat today, which doesn’t happen too often, so I’m going to cook up some ribs and cabbage. 



Happy Hump Day…

…Phew, got  a lot done today.  Got a hair cut, went to do laundry.  Now it’s almost time to go to Millers for the night.

Time for our Casino Night is nearing.  Tonight I’ll put a dent in that huge customer base and get the envelopes with the invitations ready.


Also nearing is my time to move.  All I can do is wait because I have so little to pack up, it won’t take me three hours to do it.  I’m sure if I had half of the “stuff” that I used to have, I’d already be putting things in boxes.

I’m still waiting for the bright side of moving back to Manassas to kick in.  Another good thing is, that I’ll be able to swing home for real food instead of bringing things to tide me over until I get home.  Manassas stores don’t seem to have “real” food yet.

I’m wondering when I will have my first WTF moment with the next door neighbors.  I’ve been told that they throw huge parties and don’t crank up the music until 11 PM.  I’m sure it won’t be long before THAT gets on my last nerve.

Time will tell.

Ms. Bersa gets a new mod

Yesterday, after I finished a car chase in the area, I stopped by to see Jim at  Virginia Pistol .  I wanted him to install something on Ms Bersa for me.



That's Jim below.


Jim had put a laser grip on the side for me and installed it while I was there.

Below is Ms Bersa before laser grip installation.


This is Ms Bersa after installation.  I know, I know….I asked Jim if he had a female “bad guy”, but he didn’t.




DSC06894 DSC06892

I thought there was going to be a major difference in the feel of the gun, but surprisingly there wasn't.

I always take my gun along when I go on inspections and chases.  I wear it on me when ever I get that gut feeling to do so depending where I’m at, but after an incident happened in a neighborhood close by I started wearing it at my side at all times.  An agent that was inspecting a shopping center and taking pictures was stabbed and robbed in Manassas last week.

New Roof

Two weeks ago I started shopping for a roofer and an electrician for the townhouse.  There was a major leak around the frame of the upstairs bathroom.  Lights in that bathroom didn’t work anymore and an outlet in the kitchen had blown out.

I began my search on the Fauquier Yahoo Group that I belong to.  The people there share their experiences with local contractors and I figured that would be the best place to start since I didn’t know anyone right off hand that did this type of work.  With all the scams going on I didn’t want to risk going into this blind.

A got a few recommendations and after making some phone calls, I set up a meeting with Ben Freeman of Ben Freeman Construction, LLC.

His estimate was very reasonable.  He also agreed to take care of my electrical issues.

Ben and his crew came out on Tuesday and I stopped by the townhouse after taking care of an inspection.




They finished the work in one day and did a great job of cleaning up after themselves.  The lights in the bathroom are working for the first time in a few years and the outlet in the kitchen has been replaced.

Phew….that’s one thing off of my mind!

Great job, Ben!! :)

Remembering why I don’t take assignments east of my home

I usually don’t take them because of the traffic, but for some reason I did accept two commercial inspections that would take me into Fairfax county.
Yesterday morning I was on my way….only 22 miles.  Figuring that there would be less of a slow down on Rt. 29, I headed that way and passed up I-66 west.  I was about two miles down on 29 when traffic came to a stop…due to I don’t know what.  Whatever!! So I cut across the median to head back to get on 66.
About two miles down 66, traffic come to a stop.  WTF?  I ended up taking me a little over 2 hours to get to where I had to go.
The time passed quickly mainly due to a Tyson’s Chicken baby chick bus.
I could see the baby chicks stuffed into trays sitting on top of each other.

I spent the next hour wondering:
Are those chicks shitting on top of each other?
How are they getting water….or are they?
Will they get to their destination before it gets hot?
How many stacks of trays are on the bus?
Where are they going?
What will happen to them once they get to wherever they are going?
When did Tyson get into the chick business?
Have they already been shot up with growth hormones and antibiotics?

Miller’s Scion Casino Night…..Part II



Only a little over a month away, we are busy getting ready for Casino Night.  Last year it was held at our New Car sales building.  This year we have decided to have it at our Used Car building at 8500 Sudley Road.    There is more room and much more parking.  It’s only about two blocks from our New Car building.




Just look for the SR-UUV (Scion Racing Urban Utility Vehicle), which will be parked in front of the building.  This  is a unique activation truck featuring two canopies on either side of the truck, full audio, two Plasma TVs with stands, iPod (music and videos), one Blue-Ray DVD player, tables and covers, LED lighting, and Scion Racing GOBO.  There will be tons of swag given out.


The event is from 6 PM until 9 PM. 

Please pre-register, we need a head count to make sure we have plenty of everything to go around.  Can’t wait to see everyone!! :)

Why can’t things stay the same?

When I moved in my tiny home a little over two years ago, the deal was that my son T-Jay would stay at my townhouse with his friends to take care of the place.  I wanted one of us to stay there.  T-Jay agreed and this enabled me to sell my other car and then buy this travel trailer to live in fulltime.

Kenny and Cyndi, whom I would never have met if I hadn’t gotten involved in the Scion community, then agreed to let me park my trailer on their land.

So here I have been for 25 months.  Me and the crickets, the darkness, the quietness, the peacefulness….I’m sure going to miss it. :)

Some months ago T-Jay had mentioned moving to Atlanta, GA to be with his partner in music, PA.  PA went ahead and moved months ago to pursue his music career.  The time is getting closer and T-Jay will be moving on October 18th to join him.

Now is the time for the next phase,  with sadness, I will be moving back to the townhouse.  Did I mention that I was going to miss being here?  I keep on telling myself that there is a bright side….like living .06 miles from Millers, the Evil Twin will stay clean, I probably won’t be snowed in, but as of right now looking at the bright side is not working.

At this time a family, mother, daughter, son and girlfriend are living at the townhouse.  They will remain living there and I will occupy the living room down stairs which I had closed off years ago.  The space is about the same as I have now, but I will be sharing a bathroom and the kitchen.  It’s going to be strange to live that close to other people again.  I have gotten to know this family over the years and we get along well.  They are good people and keep the townhouse clean which will make this much easier.

I’m going to sell my trailer when I move.  Kenny’s parents are interested in it, so that will be one thing that I won’t have to stress over.

I’m glad that it won’t take me more than about 4 hours to pack everything up and move.

I’m sure going to miss it here :(

Moving right along….

The roofers are scheduled to replace the roof at the townhouse on Monday.  I’ll be glad when that’s out of the way.  I’m happy that we haven’t had any major rain to do more damage or to cause more leaking.  While they are there, one of the men is going to replace a light switch and an outlet that has not been working. This is really great because it is really hard to find an electrician that will do small jobs around here.

I went to Buckland Farm Market yesterday to pick up some eggs and veggies for the weekend.  I see they are getting into full swing for Halloween….





Lunch today….smoked fish


Yummy, but they just use way too much salt.  Maybe it’s me, since I don’t eat anything out of a can or box anymore?

I tried out my new juicer this morning.  It’s an Omega.  I was surprised on how quiet it is.  One of my biggest issues was making sure that the machine would be easy to clean.  I knew if it took for ever to clean, I would not use it and it would go back where it came from.  Pretty awesome….it takes 5 minutes. Also, it grates, grinds, and juices.

I had a glass of cucumber, spinach, lettuce, garlic and apple.  Not bad at all.  This way I get a lot of nutrients that I normally would not get.  Maybe I’ll make some and take it in a thermos for work tomorrow.

Caught up


I left the Evil Twin at Millers last night for some much overdue repairs and maintenance.  She was due for her 60,000 mile check up and needed new brakes.  Meanwhile I’m driving this Camry Hybrid rental from Millers.   Nice ride, though I haven’t gotten used to having my butt that close to the ground.  Hopefully the Evil Twin will be ready to come home tonight!!

I checked out the Natural Marketplace in Warrenton this morning. 

I was very disappointed.  While I was checking the place out I was told that EVERYTHING in the store is Non-GMO.  Well….that was a bald face lie!  They have a kitchen upstairs where they prepare food.  The girl that was preparing sandwiches did wear gloves, but she proceeded to touch everything with them, including wiping them on a dish towel.  In my opinion, she might as well throw those gloves a way, what’s the use?  The kitchen area could also use a good scrubbing.

I’ll stick with Eden’s Natural Market.  Peter knows what Non-GMO means and he will point out the items that are not.  Maybe I’m just anal about this.

Besides my crazy work schedule this past weekend, I did accomplish a few things. 

I took bids on a new roof for the townhouse and have a company lined up to take care of the roof and the electrical issues at the end of next week. I  contacted my lawyer to get my divorce started.  Cancelled the insurance on the truck.  Let my county and DMV know that the truck is now gone.  Next step is to pay the property taxes left on the truck which for some reason is due in two different counties…major screw up!!  It’s always something…wonder which county I should go to first.

Meanwhile “Casino Night Part II” is in the works for October 23rd.  This time we will also have a car show which will be judged by the attendants of the event.  I can’t wait!!

Time is flying….I can’t believe tomorrow is Saturday already.  Somebody slow it down, okay?

Before and After…

This is me the last two weeks…..

This is me yesterday…

squirell ……after 9 hours of blissful sleep last night.

Thanks to Henry’s Towing for breaking into the Tundra and moving it to Miller Toyota….and then giving me a discount. :) I never thought that I would use Henry’s Towing and thank you in the same sentence.

Thanks to Miller Toyota Scion… JD, Alex, and Danny….for programming new keys and repairing the tailgate.

Thanks to Glenn of ColorsOnParade for fixing the bumper and getting rid of all the scratches. Awesome job, Glenn!!

Thanks to Reeses of Sill’s Car Wash for detailing the hell out of it and getting the girl to look like she’s brand new.

Thanks to Wes at Miller Toyota Used Cars for buying the truck yesterday and giving me a great deal.

Thanks to my crew at Miller Toyota Scion for all the advise and suggestions. :)

Thanks to my son T-Jay for getting me back and forth in the Evil Twin to get this over with.

Thanks to my Mom for moral support!

What a relief!! :)


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