Dirt Daubers

First it was giant black ants and now it’s Dirt Daubers.  Sigh….never a dull moment around here.

I found a nest in one of my exhaust vents outside by the door.


I think the upper vent is for the stove and the lower is for my refrigerator.  I had asked T-Jay to come over and remove the cover yesterday, but after he removed the first screw, the rat bastards started to swarm.

This morning I decided to duct tape the openings before taking the rest of the screws out.


Then I sprayed the hell out of the with dishwashing liquid and vinegar.



After they kicked the bucket I took a knife and pulled the nest out.  It was almost big enough to plug the pipe.


During lunch at work I stopped by Lowe’s and picked up some screen which I will put behind the cover tomorrow so that the rat bastards won’t be able to get inside any more. :)  I’m thinking that I should figure out a way to get on the roof to see if there are any nests near the A/C unit.

Tomorrow before I go to work,  I’m going to Culpeper to check out a propane vent free heater that a guy has on Craigslist.  Yep….we’re in a heat wave and I’m getting ready for winter.  I’m also going to start looking for another propane tank.

I belong to the Fauquier County Yahoo group.  Last week a lady had a large piece of foam rubber to give away.  Friday morning I went to pick it up.  I have three ceiling vents that I like to cover up when it’s very hot or it’s very cold.  A company makes these cushions that you blow up with air and stick in the vent openings.  They cost 12 bucks a piece and last about a year.  Then the air starts escaping and you have to blow them up a couple of times a day to keep them stuck in the openings.  The ones that I had finally gave out and I threw them away. 

I took the foam rubber and cut out three 14”x14” pieces and then stuck them in the vent openings.  It doesn’t look all that great right now, but I have some light weight white curtain material which I will cover them with.  Wish I would have done this from the get go.


Another night without the A/C on.  It’s a lovely 74 degrees out.  I have the fan on and the door wide open.  It’s just me, my pussy and the crickets out here. :)


  1. I had some daubers build a nest in the deck box where I store my garbage can. I didn't even know they were there but one day I pulled out the can and got stung 3 x...felt like shards of glass poking me (TMI--they flew up my 'muu muu'). I finally figured out what and where they were coming from and nuke'd em with wasp spray and got rid of the nest. But heck, that's my style, lol.

  2. Teri....I didn't know they sting humans. I guess you must have really pissed them off. I saw them flying around for the longest before I knew what they were.


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