The day after tooth extraction…

After the tooth extraction yesterday, I went to work.  Everything went fine for a while and I managed to get all my work done.  I could even talk on the phone…..with half a mouth :).  By 6 PM my mouth was wide awake and screaming.  It had slowed down a bit at Millers and I asked to be let go for the day.  I don’t do well with pain and dentists, so not eating for the fear of throwing up at the doctor’s office, and not sleeping well the night before, it was no wonder that I was feeling so bad.  Since I don’t get any days off from work at this time, I had to schedule it for a work day and due to the never ending pain, it just could not wait.  I got home, took a painkiller that I had left for my back the other week, and slept for 10 hours.

This morning I was back to feeling awesome :).  I have two stitches where the tooth used to be, so I put myself on a “blender diet” for a few days to give myself time to heal.  Actually it wasn’t bad.  Beets, tomatoes, celery, cucumber, hemp protein powder, nutritional yeast, and ground flax seed with a hand full of assorted nuts and seeds.  I added some water to make it drinkable.  It was pretty tasty.

Next Tuesday I have another appointment for a check up and also to discuss what to do about the other 4 loose teeth that I have.

I’m really impressed with this dentist’s office.  It’s the Neibauer clinic in Warrenton.  LOL…this was the first dentists office that I have ever been to that had absolutely nothing about teeth to read in the waiting room.

Well, it’s time to put my home on lock-down.  The AC just came on, it’s 10 AM and it’s 86 degrees.  Time to close the door, vents and windows. :(


  1. ...and the office was clean! That speaks volumes to me. Glad day 2 is better than day 1/2. And I am sure Silly is loving the heat wave!

  2., no liquids on the wall this time. :)
    Yes, Silly is loving it. I'm sure in a few minutes when it gets cooler in here, she'll be moving to higher, warmer ground.

  3. If you are wondering what to do with your four lose teeth, why don't you try implants or dentures? It's good that you still went to the dentist disregarding you're dental anxiety. Did you know that dental trauma can be cured with Raleigh sedation dentistry? Raleigh dentists had cured my dental trauma after I had my first dental implant. The procedure went pretty well. Raleigh dentistry's procedure is very comfortable and relaxing that made me dental fear vanishes along with my tartar. LOL.

    And hey! It's good you're eating nutritious food! That helps in developing good oral hygiene as well.


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