Sofa Bed

So I sold one of the cell phones and my Redfly smart phone companion on Craigslist last week.  Just in time too....that was going to pay for the sofa bed that I ordered.

Weird.....first came the frame on Saturday.  T-Jay helped me put that together right quick.  Then I made him take my car back to his home in Manassas, so that I wouldn't have anyway to get a pack of cigarettes.  I know, I's sad how I have to trick myself into not smoking.  Today is day nine of being smoke free.  It looks like I'm going to make it this time. :)  Unless of course, I get snowed in for three days or more.

The mattress came yesterday afternoon.  I was just pulling into the Miller parking lot when I received the email that it had been delivered.  Figures!!  I just knew we were going to get rain, so I turned around and went back home.  T-Jay was walking down the street, so I picked him up to give me a hand.

Last night I slept on it in the living room.  I went to sleep so fast.  I think it's due to me already being relaxed when I turned the TV off.

I think I will do that again tonight. :)  Though it looks like I'll be fighting my pussy over it.

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  1. I'm rooting for you on the quitting smoking!! Ha..glad you got the Garmin figured out...hope the sofa bed works out well. Take care, Sheila


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