Much better day today….

.....I went to sleep last night and woke up 9.5 hours later.  I sure needed some good sleep.  A good nights sleep sure does do wonders.  I was pain free most of today and the swelling has gone down already.  Looks like I’m on the mend.

Apparently something I did this morning pissed off my pussy….


She’s never done that before. :(

Back Outa Whack

While I was at work around 11 AM Saturday, I started getting these awful pains in my back.  Must have picked up something wrong or twisted the wrong way.  Every since I got hurt at work in the 70's, it doesn't take much to get my back out of whack, most of the time I don't even realize it is happening.  The pain got worse yesterday and this morning it was so bad that I made a doctor's appointment for this afternoon.  I can feel a walnut size swollen ball on the right lower side of my spine.   I am so tired and haven't gotten much sleep in the last two nights.  I kept moving from the sofa bed to my real bed back to the sofa bed last night.  I just couldn't position myself in a way that the pain would stop enough for me to sleep.

So I get to the doctors and the nurse takes my blood pressure.  I was pleasantly surprised that my blood pressure was 120/84 which is the lowest reading I've had in 20 some years.  By Golly....I must be doing something right!!!  :)

Then I sit in the little room for about 15 minutes, waiting on the doctor. With nothing to do, but look at the dirt…..



WTF….don’t they wash their hands in here???


I don’t EVEN want to know what that is on the wall.   I’m glad that’s when the doctor came in because I was just having way too much time on my hands and didn’t want to find anything else.  

She checked me out and felt the swollen spot in my back.  She wrote me a prescription to get the swelling down and another script to make me be able to sleep tonight.  She got up and was all ready to leave me when I told her to wait....that I had other issues.

I told her about the major changes I have made in the last five months.  What I'm eating, what I'm not dairy, no GMOs, no white flour, no white rice, no packaged foods, no canned foods, no junk food, no sugar (in the last two weeks), barely any salt, no coffee (in the last two weeks), meat maybe once a week.  Everything is made from scratch except for an occasional hand full of organic ramen.  I walk, run, walk, run a half mile with weights on my wrists every morning.  I take vitamins and minerals for things that I don't eat.  Eat veggies half cooked.  Lots of why  can't I lose these last 20 pounds???

(Dr. Fisel had already mentioned this)..... she suggested that she should schedule me for a couple of tests to check for insulin resistance and another test for thyroid function.  LOL, I managed to keep her in the room for a good 40 minutes and  the tests are scheduled for August 6th.

This is the first doctors appointment that I have really been happy with except for the dirt. :)

Blood Pressure continued….


I emailed Dr. Fisel Friday night about my whacked out blood pressure readings this past week and received an answer late last night.  Here is what he suggested:

I would recommend consulting with a cardiologist, who can make sure no heart or kidney irregularities are contributing to your hypertension.

In the meantime, the following treatments may help to get your blood pressure under control: The DASH diet, which has been proven effective for treating hypertension-detailed information can be found at

The herbs Hawthorn, Motherwort, Arjuna, and/or Tilia europa (which may sometimes be found in combination formulas); The herb Rauwolfia is a potent herb that can be very effective for lowering blood pressure, but should only be taken under the guidance of an experienced practitioner; Vitamin E, preferably in a natural, mixed-tocopherol form; The mineral magnesium, at a dosage of 500 mg per day; The nutrient CoQ10, at a dosage of 300 mg/day.


Dr. Matthew Fisel

This is the first time that I have ever had a doctor suggest natural remedies instead of a prescription pill to fix a symptom.  I'll be researching the DASH diet today.  I'll also stop by somewhere to get today's reading.

Does this cuff make my blood pressure look big?

I have this blood pressure measuring gadget and decided to pull it out of the drawer on Monday.
My blood pressure was 155/77.
Tuesday it was 163/86 and yesterday it was 176/98.
Today while I was picking up a couple of jars of baby food for my pussy, I decided to use the blood pressure machine at Harris read 145/71.
I wonder if my gadget is broken.  I can't imagine why I'm so out of whack.  I'm eating organics, barely any meat, no dairy, no GMOs, exercise every morning, lost 6 pounds.....WTF?

Last Monday I filled out a close to 900 question survey at .  Not because I was sick, but because I was wondering what else I could do to get myself healthier. I really didn't know what kind of doctor to go to for answers. It's not like you can sit down with a doctor that speciallizes in EVERYTHING for a couple of hours and pick his or her brain. At Diagnose-Me you get a free basic report, but for $50 a doctor will interpret the answers for you very thoroughly.  I paid the 50 bucks and received a 51 page report 24 hours later. 

I'm still reading through it.  First there is a  letter from the doctor and then pages and pages of suggestions. There is an awful lot of information on illnesses that I might be faced with later in life and what I can do to prevent them.

When I took the survey, I put in the last blood pressure reading I had which must have been sometime last year.  If my blood pressure keeps being out of whack like it is, I'll email the doctor back.

Lunch today.....scrambled eggs, organic ramen with sauteed sweet potato, zucchini, onions, tomatoes, green peppers in a bit of coconut oil.  It was awesome!! :)

Day 12 without cigarettes.

Garmin, I'm sorry

For the past six weeks or so, my GPS has been getting really flaky.  It started out by not letting me get on the interstates anymore.  I couldn't get her to shut up.  She was for ever telling me to get off on a back road.  Then last week, she wouldn't even let me get on a regular highway, like Rt 29.  Again, I couldn't get her to shut up.  It didn't matter if I chose the fast or the short routes. Last Thursday it took me 12 miles out of the way.

LOL....I was starting to think that Garmin had flicked a switch somewhere since I refused to update the software for 80 bucks.

Last week I finally got on Google to see if anyone else had this problem before.  I should have done that from the get go.  I went deeper into the settings and found out that the box telling it to avoid ALL highways was checked.  WTF??  I was about a gnats ass away from throwing it out of the window and buying a new one.  Every thing is back to normal now.  I'm such a happy woman!!

Another sunset from Miller's front door...

I slept on my sofa again last night.  I fell asleep so fast that for the second day in a row, I forgot to turn my Fitbit to sleep mode.  Hopefully I'll remember to do it tonight.  I'm curious to see if my sleeping patterns have changed any.

Sofa Bed

So I sold one of the cell phones and my Redfly smart phone companion on Craigslist last week.  Just in time too....that was going to pay for the sofa bed that I ordered.

Weird.....first came the frame on Saturday.  T-Jay helped me put that together right quick.  Then I made him take my car back to his home in Manassas, so that I wouldn't have anyway to get a pack of cigarettes.  I know, I's sad how I have to trick myself into not smoking.  Today is day nine of being smoke free.  It looks like I'm going to make it this time. :)  Unless of course, I get snowed in for three days or more.

The mattress came yesterday afternoon.  I was just pulling into the Miller parking lot when I received the email that it had been delivered.  Figures!!  I just knew we were going to get rain, so I turned around and went back home.  T-Jay was walking down the street, so I picked him up to give me a hand.

Last night I slept on it in the living room.  I went to sleep so fast.  I think it's due to me already being relaxed when I turned the TV off.

I think I will do that again tonight. :)  Though it looks like I'll be fighting my pussy over it.

Sunday....short work day

It's been a rough couple of weeks.  Working from 9 AM to 9 PM every day sure does get old after a while.  Especially without having any days off.  My schedule is now back to normal as of last Thursday and I'm just about caught up on everything except for the laundry.  I did have enough time to apply to a new client.  If accepted, I should get a ton of requests to visit and photograph forclosed properties.  The company is based out of Michigan and is supposed to have a training session in northern Virginia before the end of this month.  I'll just have to wait and see.


^^Another beautiful sunset from my home away from home.

July 4th went by way too fast.  I spent half of the day at my Mom and Pop's with my visiting middle sister and her hubby.  Then it was off to Cyndi and Kenny's for our get together.  Good times!!!  Below is Teri applying "Flower Power" to her Prius.  Came out looking pretty awesome. 

Fire works in the driveway...

Then it was time to go home and hurry up and go to sleep so that I could go back to work on Monday morning.  I'm glad that I didn't drink anything. :)

Today I work until 5, then I have to go and chase a couple of cars in Woodbridge.  I spent most of this morning re-orginizing my home making room for my new sofa/bed

This is actually small enough to fit in my home.

I had to yank out my peas because they kicked the bucket.  Oh well, I'll try it again next time, but I won't be using the straw bales again. It's too hard to keep the plants watered.  Tomatoes and herbs are growing well.  LOL....and there is more weird stuff growing on my straw bales.

It's almost time to leave here and chase some cars. :)

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