Take that, you Rat Bastards

Getting scratched up while watering my plants was getting on my last nerve…..and you know what that means! :)

I don’t know what kind of plant this is, but it was getting totally out of control.  One was about 4 ft tall and the stem was 2 inches thick.  So I went outside….armed to the teeth to deal with it…


…..and tadaaaaa!!!


I saw my first Grosse Bohne (Broad Bean)


Yesterday, Kenny came over to tell me about this unusual butterfly that was sitting on the wall of his house.  It looked like it had its tail caught in a spider web.  


I removed it and the butterfly opened up even more.  This is only the second butterfly I’ve seen this year.  I remember them being plentiful years ago.



I know we are supposed to have thunderstorms this afternoon, but after the last time, when I found my plants laying on the ground, I’m not taking any chances.  So I watered all of them…just a little bit….just in case we have no rain.

I finished the paperwork for my last inspection yesterday.  What a relief THAT was.  It was a long inspection with lots of paperwork for Freddie Mac.  I always say that I won’t do anymore of these, but every time I have one offered to me I tend to accept it.  What was I thinking?

Three more days of work and I finally get a day off!  I’m so excited!!!!  I can’t wait.  Not that I have any plans as of yet, but that can change.  It think there’s supposed to be a Scion car show on Sunday.  I’ll have to check.  Could have sworn I saw it on Facebook and Kenny also mentioned it.


  1. Thanks for the congrats on the anniversary. That is an unusual butterfly. Won't be long before you have lots of veggies to pick. We are in the thunderstorm a day cycle right now...ha. Take care, Sheila

  2. Sheila...Isn't it beautiful? I wish I had a yard full of butterflies. :)
    I can't wait to pick and eat my own stuff!!
    We've been having a quite a bit of rain and thunderstorms too. I hope we get a little one today.

  3. Your garden tools look like mine, haha. And yay on your first 'baby bean'. And I think that's some kind of moth--they have the feathery antennae...

  4. Teri...lol, that spagetti fork sure came in handy.
    I'm ready for a pot of Grosse Bohnen and Wurzeln. :)
    Kenny thought at first that it was a leaf stuck to the side of his house.

  5. Guy...you sure it's not a California Prickster?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Let one of them bloom. Better yet, get rid of them and plant artichokes ; )

  8. Guy...I should have let one of them stand just to see how big it would get. I had a hard time cutting them down.
    LOL...Still haven't eaten an artichoke.
    ...oh, I want to know what you deleted. :)

  9. One should never underestimate the utility of a spaghetti fork.

    Well played.

  10. De Campo...ain't that the truth. I would have opted for heavy duty gloves, but didn't have any.

  11. That is extraordinary.I've never seen anything like that in my life! Incredible shots

  12. Culture Served Raw....LOL...Thanks, Valerie.

  13. A misspelling. If you had your comments forwarded to your email you would have seen it.

  14. That's some thistle! We have those, and you gotta get that root out of the ground too, or the damn thing will be back in a few weeks!

  15. Guy...I do have it forwarded to my email, but for some reason I didn't get that one.
    Joe....Yep....it's humongiantic. I couldn't pull the whole thing up because I didn't have a way of touching it without getting all scratched up. I'll have to get some gloves for next time.


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