It’s been a whole week

I’ve been busy, busy, busy!

I had planned on going to a car show on my only day off last Sunday.  By Friday night I had received a tone of work, all car and mortgage chases, that had to be completed by Sunday night.  I ended up starting early Sunday morning.  One of the chases took me to Front Royal, so I stopped by my Mom’s to upload the photos, since I had gotten to my 5 GB limit with Verizon.  It pisses me off to no end that Verizon’s meter has a two day lag.  Of course I ended up going over my limit by 33 bucks….Rat Bastards!  I’ll have to figure out a way to stay right at 4.5 GB when it gets near the end of my billing cycle….just in case.

I do have some good news.  I’m getting ready to fire my attorney….yep, the one that’s charging me 325 bucks an hour…..that’s $5.42 a minute….yep, the one that’s been dragging their butt over 2.5 years against Brookfield Washington Homes for not paying their  $74,000 plus interest worth of bills! Rat Bastards!  I know I should have put my foot down when my husband didn’t want to pay the lawyer their 33% and instead wanted to pay them hourly.  I got in contact with the lawyer that helped me with my immigration and citizenship issues three years ago (Immigration had lost all my paperwork).  He remembered me and is charging 25% instead of the customary 33% and I can live with that.  I bet it won’t take another 2.5 years to settle this!  I will be so glad when this is over with and even more glad to get my finances in order.  It will be a huge relief!

My little garden is doing great.  I do have to keep a close eye on it so that they plants get enough water.  Next time I will use containers only because the straw loses the water to quickly.  ….or maybe the straw will decompose by then.  I’ll have to see.


Lots of cucumbers ^^


My sweet peas are growing like crazy and I gave them something to climb on. ^^


More cucumbers….can you tell how much I love them? ^^




A little visitor on my porch ^^

I’m cooking some black rice for the weekend.  This way I’ll have something to add fruits and veggies to.  I need to think of something to bring to work tomorrow.  I’ve found that fruits just don’t keep me going enough during work.  For example, a pear lasts me about an hour before I get super hungry.  I need something that will last me a bit longer so that I don’t have take a whole basket of fruit with me.  I might make a salad with the rice, don’t want to have to heat anything up.

Still no boil flare ups.  I am so happy about that, you just don’t know!!!  More and more non-GMO items are showing up in stores around here, they’re a bit slow on the east coast.  I still haven’t found a restaurant that I could possibly eat at, but I guess it will take time for people to get the message.

I’m still replacing things that I use, one at a time.  I’ve got a long way to go yet….baby steps.  I’ve switched to Spry toothpaste without sugar and fluoride, Crystal Body Deodorant and Cucumber Skin Cream from Mountain Rose Herbs and organic soap from Made By Hippies.  I’m still looking for Denture adhesive. This will have to do until I find something else.   Any ideas?

For the last couple of weeks I have been noticing a couple of people at work, taking an interest in what I eat and how it has helped me.  Now, if I could just get my son to give up the Pepsi!


  1. Busy, Busy...just like me. I still have those vinyls and the prospect of a party putting them on...when you get a free afternoon, lol

    Oh, send me your new mailing address so I can mail Silly's reminder card to her...

  2. Sorry you had to work on your day off. Glad your diet is working so well for you. I've never heard of black rice. Have a nice weekend, Sheila

  3. Teri...Kenny mentioned that he and Cyndi are planning a 4th of July get together. Maybe we can do it then? Email sent. :)

    Sheila...Ha that's nothing. I won't have another so called day off until next month.
    The rice is made by Lundberg...I love it.
    You have a great weekend too :)

  4. The plants look great! I'm impressed. You have been very busy.

  5. Joe... Busy? Ha, looks like you're keeping pretty busy yourself. :)

  6. KayDee...Hope that things are going alright for you. I miss you!


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