Got big nasty, juicy, ants?

I still got some.  Every day I see two or three of them, even though I have ant baits set out.  I’m thinking that they are eating cat food instead.  So I found this gadget for 30 some bucks.  It’s a tray that has water underneath to keep the ants from getting to other food.  It was time to improvise….



The glass plate is filled with water and the bowls are not touching the sides of the glass.  Now “take that, you Rat Bastards”.  Like to see you little fuckers cross the pond to get to a meal!


  1. I rigged up something like that in my house once. Worked well. But finally had to use Terro

  2. Teri...I have Terro bait trays. The ants are not as many as before, but I've got a few stubborn stragglers that I want to get rid of.

  3. The stragglers are new hatchlings. If you don't get the queen you can expect more.

    And is that raw eggs in the bowl?

  4. Guy...There big ones. I'm hoping that they will take the poison to their nest.
    No...that's sweet potato and turkey baby food.

  5. Guy...I haven't seen any at all this morning, so I'm thinking that they were attracted to the cat food.

  6. Looks like a very clever set up to me and your cat approves too! :)

  7., yes she does. I haven't seen any more ants today. Knock on wood :)


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