Gloomy, Rainy Monday

Grrrr!!!  I sure am glad that I spent the afternoon in my garden yesterday and I would have worked on my garden all day if it had not taken me hours to find Nonsanto organic soil.  Rat Bastards….they’ve got their fingers in everything!  Actually it was easier to find Nonsanto fertilizer on my lunch hour on Saturday.

It’s been raining pretty steady all day, but I did manage a few photos


My straw pile which originally kept my feet from getting all muddy this past winter is now home to potatoes, sweet potatoes and hot peppers.  Those tires are for more potatoes that I will plant this week.  LOL…Kenny had them sitting in the driveway when I saw them last night.


Sweet potatoes in my …. lol…custom box 


Zucchini and herbs


Broad beans and green beans


Strawberries, tomatoes and I put down some sweet peas on the dirt


I know I’m not going to remember what some of these plants are.  I did get some wooden sticks that I can mark them with.  For the ones that I forget… will be a nice surprise and I’ll say…..”now I remember” ….when they produce.

I got my Fitbit in the mail on Saturday.  Yesterday I hooked it all up.  It’s nice how you can keep track of everything including steps when I walk and my sleep pattern.  The best thing about the Fitbit is that you are not dependent on a desktop application.  I can log in from anywhere and update it.  It’s very small so wearing the device is easy.  As soon as I get within a few feet of my computer, the device will sync with the application and log my activity.




I’m going to have to remember to get off of my butt while I’m at work tonight. :)


  1. I got a giggle out of your "custom box" Thing is I identified what it was immediately!

  2. SciFiChick....lolololol...aren't they butt ugly? ...right along with the standard hide-a-bed and the wiggly kitchen table?

  3. All the plants are looking good. Look forward to seeing them brimming with produce. Have a great week, maybe it won't rain too much, Sheila

  4. Sheila....Thanks, I hope they will be brimming with produce. You have a great week too. It never stopped raining today...maybe tomorrow.


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