No Cricket for me :(

Looks like I’m stuck with Verizon until I find something else that works out here with unlimited internet access.    I tried his out the Cricket at home the other night and it took 10 minutes just to load the program.  Another 5 minutes just to get to my emails.  I knew right then I would never be able to upload any photos for my reports.  Meanwhile, I’ll borrow T-Jay’s Cricket Broadband for when I get close to my 5GB limit. It worked great while I had it at work in Manassas yesterday.  Oh well, I tried.  On to my mission to find a unlimited replacement for Verizon.

We had an incredible thunderstorm last night.  I was trying to get some photos of the lighting out of my bedroom window, but had no luck of catching any of it.  I’ll have to play with the settings on my camera.

This morning I took these…


Sweet peas…..I can’t believe how fast they came up.  It took only two days for them to sprout.


That’s my tomato plant going crazy.  It’s the first one that I planted.


First strawberry blossom.


I have no clue to what this is. ^^^^^ Any ideas?


First blossom on cucumber and the first on the green beans on the right. It’s amazing what 12 hours will.  I sometimes think that I could sit there and watch them grow. :)

Chasing cars in Purcellville, VA

I left the house before 7 this morning in order to get to the first address by 8 AM.  I figured that traffic was going to be pretty bad and most of the 22 mile stretch was off and on two lane highway.  Due to the FDCPA guidelines, I can’t knock on anyone’s door until 8 AM.  I got there way early, so I sat across the street and talked to neighbors that were outside taking their trash to the street. 

There have been many times that I have been very glad to have a phone with internet and this was one of those days.  Since I couldn’t find the person that I was looking for, I found out enough information to type into Google to give me the address to one of the places that he works at.

After finishing my chases I decided to visit a farm stand that I had been reading about on one of the Yahoo Groups that I belong to, the Loudoun_Locavores.   The stand was just a few miles away somewhere on John Wolford Road.  My phone came in handy again, since I didn’t have the physical address to the place.  Went to the Loudoun_Locavores and there was the address.



I picked up some Spinach, eggs and some Strawberries.  Then I stopped by The Natural Mercantile of Hamilton…



I picked up some home grown BACON… I have missed bacon!!!! :)  I also picked up a bar of soap.  I thought  of Guy when I picked the scent.


I’ve noticed that every since I started buying soap with only a handful of ingredients in them, I have no soap film in my tub.  LOL…is this normal?  It’s kind of freaking me out.  LOL…just kidding, I love it!

I made it back home by noon.  Washed my Spinach and sautéed it with red onion and two slices of bacon. 


…..and a lovely lunch I had!  Now if my veggies would just hurry up!!!


After all this rain, I’m seeing a ton of mushrooms on the grounds.  This are some that I saw on my walk this morning…




…..and what are these???  They all slimy when I pull them out.  The stems remind me of cooked German macaroni…


My sweet peas already came up…


….and here are some tomatoes…



I can’t wait until I can eat some of these goodies.  I bought some non-gmo sesame salad dressing for the time that I can have my first home grown salad.   

I stopped by Burnside Farm last night after getting off of work.  Bought a few more plants and some more honey.  I’m now planting on the straw that’s stacked up behind my trailer, since I’ve run out of room on the front. 

Guy, I found out that Burnside Farm uses NO pesticides or antibiotics on their bees. :) 


Got big nasty, juicy, ants?

I still got some.  Every day I see two or three of them, even though I have ant baits set out.  I’m thinking that they are eating cat food instead.  So I found this gadget for 30 some bucks.  It’s a tray that has water underneath to keep the ants from getting to other food.  It was time to improvise….



The glass plate is filled with water and the bowls are not touching the sides of the glass.  Now “take that, you Rat Bastards”.  Like to see you little fuckers cross the pond to get to a meal!

Walking is good for you

….so I have decided to walk to the street from my home. 

On the walk back home from the street.



It’s lovely out today.  No sounds except for the birds and my foot steps.

I think it is a quarter of a mile one way, not sure.  I’ll have to ask Kenny about it.  Fitbit is telling me that I took 1,615 steps.  Yesterday I took 2,664 all day.  So far the Fitbit is motivating me to move around much more.  Even at work where I sit behind a desk most of the night.

Looks like this little fellow was taking a walk too :)



Early this morning I planted Spinach along the bottom of the straw.  LOL….the gnomes are guarding it!



Then I planted the Apple and Pear seeds in the pots.


Before going back inside I saw the first Bee :)  It was hard to catch it on film, but it’s to the right of the center of the photo. 

CIMG7065I hope to see many more out here!

Cooking your own meals instead of eating out

I thought that I would get tired of it after a while…you know, coming up with things to cook and not getting bored with it all.  There have been some weird concoctions made in my kitchen lately to keep it “different”. 


Like this pork sausage patty on the plate.  I added celery, red onion, green onion and an apple to the ground up meat.  It was awesome! :)


Here I have sautéed banana with cinnamon.

Today I steamed up a slab of pork ribs with carrots, cabbage, celery, green onions, apple, turmeric, sea salt and curry.  The meat is tender and the veggies are crunchy.  

The possibilities are endless. :)


I started my first potato tire today.  Vegetable scraps, soil and straw.  Let’s see how that goes.

Today turned out to be a beautiful day.  It looks like the rain is finally over with.  Wonder what will happen if I wash the Evil Twin.  Never mind, I better not jinx it.



I signed up for Twitter in June of last year….I think.  Never used it or really bothered to learn what it is all about.

Last Thursday I was invited to attend a Social Media Webinar at Miller Toyota Scion.  We were to help Miller Toyota Scion to evaluate an organization to manage our Social Media,  Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, etc. , for both of our stores.  Not only would this be an invaluable sales tool, but it would also enable us to interact with our existing and new customers.  I was really excited about the idea and began exploring Twitter this past weekend.

At home I have the TV news on all morning long.  It ends up watching me instead of me watching it.  It’s the same crap regurgitated over and over again. The things that I am interested in or are important to me, are either not covered on the news or just barely mentioned.  It seems like unless there is death, killing, religion or sex associated with the news, it is no longer news worthy.

This is were Twitter come in.  I have set it up to provide me with links to topics that I am interested in and am keeping track of.  After a couple of days, I started getting followers that were interested in my tweets and links.  When something interests me, I can re-tweet it. To re-tweet someone's tweet/message is to share their tweet with your own Twitter followers. This enables me to share and get the word out to more people.

I found a site called Hoot Suite ( that lets me broadcast to Facebook and Twitter at the same time from anywhere. 

I know people are probably tired of my ranting on Facebook, but I figure if just one person bothers to read any of it, then that’s a good thing. LOL…Now I can rant on both of them at the same time.  It’s a great way to get information out to the rest of the world beside this “one size fits all” TV news that we are now getting.

Twitter has become my new news station.  Twitter is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now.  It helps keep up with friends and foes.  I always think it’s necessary to keep up with foes to find out what they are up to, so of course I follow Monsanto.  They’ve been awfully quiet lately.

Gloomy, Rainy Monday

Grrrr!!!  I sure am glad that I spent the afternoon in my garden yesterday and I would have worked on my garden all day if it had not taken me hours to find Nonsanto organic soil.  Rat Bastards….they’ve got their fingers in everything!  Actually it was easier to find Nonsanto fertilizer on my lunch hour on Saturday.

It’s been raining pretty steady all day, but I did manage a few photos


My straw pile which originally kept my feet from getting all muddy this past winter is now home to potatoes, sweet potatoes and hot peppers.  Those tires are for more potatoes that I will plant this week.  LOL…Kenny had them sitting in the driveway when I saw them last night.


Sweet potatoes in my …. lol…custom box 


Zucchini and herbs


Broad beans and green beans


Strawberries, tomatoes and I put down some sweet peas on the dirt


I know I’m not going to remember what some of these plants are.  I did get some wooden sticks that I can mark them with.  For the ones that I forget… will be a nice surprise and I’ll say…..”now I remember” ….when they produce.

I got my Fitbit in the mail on Saturday.  Yesterday I hooked it all up.  It’s nice how you can keep track of everything including steps when I walk and my sleep pattern.  The best thing about the Fitbit is that you are not dependent on a desktop application.  I can log in from anywhere and update it.  It’s very small so wearing the device is easy.  As soon as I get within a few feet of my computer, the device will sync with the application and log my activity.




I’m going to have to remember to get off of my butt while I’m at work tonight. :)

Snow storm in February

LOL…I had forgotten about this video that I had made during the snow storm.  I was snowed in.  We had no electricity and my home was running on battery power.  I came outside that day and Kenny’s dad was getting ready to plow the snow from our driveway and the neighbors down the street.    After a good hook of warm vodka, I got to ride along the back of his tractor.  I had so much fun!


I really need to get some video practice in!  I’ve got no skills

Switching to Cricket

I’ve spent the past week researching other ways to get on the internet besides tethering my Verizon Storm to my laptop.  It wasn’t easy and looks like just about every company has a 5 GB cap.  Then I

found Cricket….images

Phones with unlimited talk and text without a contract and broadband that is unlimited.  Monthly charges are $80 which includes the phone and a USB broadband modem.  T-Jay is trying out the modem right now and says that it is faster than when he has internet through his phone.  What I also love is that it is truly unlimited and I won’t have to worry about going over the 5 GB cap.  In a couple of days, I’ll take the modem home and see how it does out here in the sticks.  I’m hoping that it performs well :)

Meanwhile….down at the farm….


My plants seem to like the straw…


Left to right…top tomato, middle hot pepper, right strawberry


Tomatoes in a bag and chives to the left.



Lots of herbs and more tomatoes.  Seems like every couple of days we have rain so the watering isn’t a problem.  Also I have an out door shower which is a great way to get water if I need it.  Saves me from lugging the water through the house.

You all know that my sister, Karin is an amazing photographer.  Yesterday she entered a contest on Artists Wanted .  If you have the time, please do me a favor and vote for her here .  Just scroll down to the bottom left and click on one of the stars where it’s labeled “Rate this Portfolio”.  You are allowed to vote once every 24 hours.  One of Karin’s photos was featured on JPG Magazine last week.  I’m so proud of her!! :)

It’s been 61 days since I’ve gone to eating almost 100% non-GMO.  Still no signs of a boil popping up.  It’s really amazing.  I still have scars, but they are slowly fading.  They probably won’t go away all together, but they sure look a lot better than before.  Who knows…maybe someday.

My Broadbeans are blooming :)

I wonder how tall these will get here.  I remember them growing huge in Germany when I was a kid.

This is the first butterfly that I have seen since last summer.  It was sitting on the sidewalk where I got my propane tank refilled yesterday. was way more beautiful in person.

I have one chase to do tonight after I get off from Millers.  Sure is nice to have that extra daylight so that I can do some of these chases on a Saturday night instead of on Sunday.

I just finished the last of a ton of inspections...the ones that I dread doing.  Now that they're done I feel like I just took a tranqualizer.  This is such a relief!!

Time to get back to work.  Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!!!

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