What are those green little round things?

My very first, ever tomatoes :)

So....am I supposed to clip off the first flowers to make the plants spread out more?  Or is that just certain plants?

I spent all morning chasing houses and cars all over in Woodbridge and in Haymarket and just finished uploading my report and photos. My bandwidth is getting up there ....almost 4GBs, so I'm taking my laptop to work tonight to try and upload a ton of photos for 4 commercial inspections.  I hope it all goes well.  It will be a real relief if I can get it done.  I sure don't want to go over my limit again!! :(

I might have Sunday off, I'm not sure yet, but if I am, I'll go to hug my Mom's neck for a while.

Tomorrow I'll spend most of the morning at the DMV getting new stickers for the license plates.  I hope that it won't take all day, but I've put the time on the side ....just in case.

I've got about 45 minutes to catch up on the blogs, then it's off to work at Miller's.

It's been a busy week....can't wait until it's over. :)


  1. Cool I'm impressed! When will they turn red? :D

    You sound busy.

  2. Joe...LOL, I have no clue. It's my first time.

    Yep, busy and stessed out to the max. i think I need a big warm shot of Grey Goose.

  3. leave the flowers and let the bees polinate them...then you get tomaytees!
    i am sooo freakin proud of you right now.
    oh and i a few days - douse the tomatoes with 1tbsoon of epsom salt to a gallon of water - they will take off like crazy - they love epsom salt!

    good work Tango!

  4. Kymber....I have not seen ONE Bee around here....just lots of Ticks :(
    Epsom salt? Do any other plants like it? How long will it keep....a gallon is a lot for one plant.
    LOL...you were right! I haven't killed anything yet. )

  5. Wow, awesome! We don;t even plant out doors around here till May long w/e but we're in a funny micro-climate, we catch up : )

    You are a very industrious girl! I think thats a German thing : )

    Epsom salts, huh, never heard that before but it makes sense. Thanks again Kymber : ) I never did get around to starting any plants indoors, but I still like your baggie-starter idea, love the efficiency of it : )

  6. LOL, and yeah, I actually do smile a lot : ) Its a vice!

  7. powdergirl...How are you doing, girl? How's the family? Have you been behaving? I miss you!!

    I was so surprised to see those marble size tomatoes :)

  8. If you don't see your "mater" blooms being pollinated - You can take a Q-Tip and gently touch the bloom and then touch the next one... just helping nature out a little bit. I've been doing this for two or three years now and it really works. Also, once your tomato's are blooming... ground water them. You don't want to wash off the pollen! (And thanks for the "lightbulb" moment... I have to go write a new post!) Have a great day off!

  9. SciFiChick....thanks for the tip :)
    LOL...I plan on enjoying it, even if it kills me.


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