Verizon….Rat Bastard of the year


Remember last month when T-Jay had computer problems?  I ended up reformatting his desktop and my laptop. During installation of programs that we both use, we upgraded our Verizon VZAccess Manager to the latest one.

T-Jay and I have been using our Verizon phones for two years to get internet on our computers.  The charge was $10 per month, per phone, unlimited use.

In these two years, once a month I click “pay” on my bank’s website.  The amount is always the same since we never go over our phones minutes and mostly use the unlimited texts.  So as always I just clicked to pay.  The payment was late so I figured that my payment had not hit the total of the months bill….and never dawned on me until I called Verizon to see what had happened to last months payment, that we now had a limit on our bandwidth.  The customer service rep said that the 5 GB limit had been in use for two years now.  I ask her how this could be,  I have never been charged for overage all this time until now.  Rat Bastard Liars!!!

Needless to say, T-Jay and I are now keeping a tight eye on our usage…like white on rice!  Rat Bastards!!


  1. ahhhh, cell phones and the companies who violate us repeatedly like a kissing cousin.

    hate them.

    also, i have yet to find a touch screen that can accommodate my maniacal typing. BAH!

    thanks for coming by:)

    <3 andrea

  2. I have verizon too, but I have tried several over the years...and they all screw us over. May shop around again when this term is over...take care, Sheila

  3. Princess Andy...Yep....the bastards.
    I've gotten used to the screen, but I still make a gazillion typos. Thank goodness for spell check. :)

    Joe...this has had me stressed out for weeks now. Wish I could find something better. I would hate to have a land line installed. :(

    Sheila...I think they are all just about what and what. I have yet to find one that suits my needs completely.


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